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Vachon Reviews

Vachon Passion Flakie 3 Fruit Flaky Pastries
I love these. My mom used to get them as a kid and we decided to buy them one day on a whim. They were so good! Definitely flaky and messy, so be sure to have napkins handy, but you won't regret it!

Vachon 1/2 Moon Chocolate
If you’re looking for the perfect portion size, and a quick chocolate fix a little bit of tasty filling, this is the treat for you. Fits perfectly into any lunch bag and is a convenient take along.

Vachon 1/2 Jos Louis Cakes
They’re not very good. I had my first one the other day for the first time in years. I find them pretty dry and the shell is strange to me. Like there’s a plastic element to it. Not something I would buy again.

Vachon Triple Fudge Brownies
As a woman pregnant with twins I may be a bit biased in reviewing these brownies, but they are so tasty! The Vachon Triple Fudge Brownies really hit those chocolate notes that one craves. They are easy to transport, but are also awesome slightly heated with some ice cream!...

Vachon Flakie Cakes
I got a coupon to try this free from family rated. I took it and got these flake cakes since I thought they looked good and would make a good snack for my kids lunches. I usually pack healthy food but on fridays I like to pack a little treat. These are like magic. They are sweet...

Vachon 1/2 Moon Vanilla
I absolutely LOVE vachon 1/2 moons and my whole family does too! They are just so tasty, the soft cakey out side and the yummy creamy inside! They are so good!

Vachon The Original Swiss Rolls Cakes
So good My children love this so much that they take it to school. I personally love it to. I eat it with tea. It is not too sweet which is the best. Wont say that its healthy but it is a good snack.

Vachon Ah Caramel The Original Cakes
Convenient in lunches. The little cake with caramel is simply good. I have never been disappointed with a package. Super convenient for making meals easily. I'm going to buy some.

Vachon Mille Feuilles Flaky Pastries
I’m a big pastry fan and I’d highly recommend buying this it’s absolutely delicious I love everything about this brands products and my whole household enjoyed it

Vachon Granny's Sugar Tarts
I got a coupon from family rated so I could try this product free for an honest review. And my goodness. This was so amazing. I love butter tarts and was interested when I seen these. This was like magic! I sent one in my kids school lunches so they could try them too and the...

Vachon Jelly Log Sponge Cakes
I remember these from being a kid they were good then and still are now. I love that they are convenient for lunches. The taste is amazing. Definately a favorite in our house.

Vachon Granny's Lemon Tarts
my kids and i love these tarts got them for christmas day and the kids had them gone in ten mins would recommend these tarts to anyone that likes the lemon tarts but all there tart probucts are really good

Vachon Granny's Butter And Raisins Tarts
The pastry is light and not overwhelming. They are not overly sweet which I liked very much but would have preferred more "butter" flavour to the butter tart. Not bad for a store bought pastry at all! I do think that 2 tarts per package is a bit much, but some might insist...

Vachon Maple Log Sponge Cakes
Les petits gâteaux Vachon maple log cake sont délicieux, le bon goût de coconut sait exquis. Nous en mangeons souvent. Sa me prend toujours un bon désert après mon repas.

Vachon Passion Flakie Apple Raspberry Flaky Pastries
This is one of our favorite treats. It has light and airy flaky layers with just the right amount of berries and creamy flavor. This is one snack that is commonly packed with school and work lunches. It doesn't taste over processed like most snack cakes. I received this free to...