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It all started in the 1950s with one man's quest to find something more inspiring than your usual North American fare. That man was Vincent Harrison. And it was in that change vested post war decade that he started to make his trips to Asia in search of authentic and inspiring tastes to bring home. The result is the VH line of sauces, dips and marinades. Distinct, flavourful and masterfully easy to cook with, VH products really have unmistakably unique way to transform any meal into something a little more inspiring.

Over the years, VH has inspired every day chefs to try something new; something a little more exciting, more fun, more exotic. And everyday, Canadians across the country have poured, dipped or marinated a little Asian fair into their cooking with wonderfully tasty and family pleasing results.

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VH Reviews

VH Japanese Teriyaki Stir-fry Sauce
J’adore la sauce teriyaki VH et elle a une belle consistance un bon goût sucré salé elle est parfaite pour les grillades sur le barbecue j’aime beaucoup l’utiliser avec le poulet et le saumon j’ai même tenté l’expérience avec des légumes et c’était délicieux...

VH Steamers
VH Steamers

23 reviews

I haven't had a TV dinner in a while and not having much time to cook with class left me with a small amount of groceries that actually got used. I lived far from a grocery store so I'd occasionally pick this up for emergencies. I want to say that it doesn't taste like a TV...

VH Indian Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce
I love having butter chicken and rice for supper !!! However the packages at Walmart for 1.87 there isn’t much in them to have 2 servings and the bottle isn’t nearly big enough. I think companies should up their bottle size. Definitely could use more for the price !!