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Whiskas Reviews

Whiskas Cat Food Meaty Selections
I have 5 cats and they all love this brand. When it was recalled I had to switch their food for a few weeks and they were so mad at me. Luckily, they have it back now and are happily eating their food again.

Whiskas perfect portions
This Whiskas is truly perfect portions for our two purrfect cats. they love this product when we give it to them, we serve dried and wet food to our cat to avoid puking too much, we noticed the differences of feeding them just the dried food and then giving them this kind of wet...

Whiskas Original Cat Food
The best food for my cat! She just loves it so much. She has gotten more plump and healthy! She always goes back for more! Shes a more happy kitty now

Whiskas perfect portions pate
Given a 5/5 beans by my cat. He receives half of one portion(quarter a full two sided pack) twice a week as a treat for his supper. Well he knows the days he gets these and brings me to the cupboard and asks for them starting at breakfast time. He loves them and never leaves...

Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats - Tasty Chicken
My cat loves these treats and true the commercial when she slips outside i shake the bag and she comes running full tilt back for them. Must be some sort of kitty crack in temptations.

Whiskas Perfect Portions Cuts
My cats love Whiskas Perfect Portions. I received them as a sample, and have been purchasing them ever since. So easy to make sure that they are not over fed, and there are never any leftovers

Whiskas Temptations Tumblers Cat Treat
This is a must have my cats love them they eat them every day my old picky cat will not eat anything but temptations I have bought all kinds of treats for my cats but nothing beats temptations

Whiskas hairball control
I honestly can say these are great. My cat has had hairball issues for a while before I came across this product. It definitely helped a lot and I've noticed a reduced amount of hairballs to date. My cat also really likes these and tends to be very picky, so 2 for 2!!!...

Whiskas Kitten Dry Food with Real Chicken
My cat adores this flavor and brand. I know its not the healthiest version of food out there but it is all she wants! It is a good price for the bag of food and I will but again.

Whiskas Temptations Cat - Saveur poulet fermier
My cat really likes eating this brand of cat treats! She likes all the flavours! Everytime I have the bag in my hand she sees and is happy because she knows I am giving her some of these treats she likes!

Whiskas cat food 12 pack
Whiskas have a massive selection of products which means you're likely to find something that takes your cat's fancy even if they're picky like mine. My two girls love the fish selection and there is always nothing left in their bowls. I would recommend to any cat own as a...

Whiskas Meaty Selections Real Chicken
My cats absolutely love this catfood. They love the temptation pieces in it. I also like how it is not too expensive to buy. Also my cats like the salmon flavor as well.

Whiskas Cat Milk
Whiskas Cat Milk

14 reviews

Well I must say this product is pretty awesome . I have used it for all my cats . They seem to love the taste of it . It’s a hit amongst all the kitties in the house . I love the colour of the package . Always peeks my interest when I see it standing out in the shelves at...

Whiskas Salmon 8kg
Real talk (as you can always expect from me), this is absolutely fine, but it's a low-range food. If you don't earn much and need something to keep your cat nourished, this will do. In fact, over other lower level food brands, they seem to really like the taste of...

Whiskas Temptations Cat - Saveur lait crémeux
my 3 cats have always been temptations cats but they absolutely love the dairy flavour!!! i mean how many cats do you know that are so picky that they wont go back to their old treats!!! lol