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Member Since:  January 19, 2019
Family first, love to travel, reading relaxes me and ice cream is my secret indulgence :)

I'm looking for companies and product brands to build a long-term relationship with. I'm a very detailed and reliable tester and will provide you with high quality photos and detailed feedback. I have been slowly and carefully building my Instagram account and currently have over 4600 followers, with an engagement rate of 30%. I post carefully chosen photos and well thought out written reviews.

I also strongly believe in the importance of one-on one personal recommendations. I'm often told that I can sell anything- that's how strongly I campaign for a product that I believe in. I would love to share your product with my family, friends and followers. I really appreciate your consideration- thanks!

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Udderly smooth hand cream My overall rating
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Little Spoon Baby Food My overall rating
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Bissell SmartClean Robotic Vacuum My overall rating
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