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Member Since:  July 17, 2018
Hey Momma's & Daddies,
My Name is Jolene and I am a single Mom with 2 Amazing Little Human Beings Who Mean The World To Me!! As like any other parent, I would go to the ends of the earth for my children. My biggest wish, is that I can only be half the Mother my Mom was. 7/29/17 is the day our world turned upside down. Not only MY best friend but my son's bestie as well. He told Grandma way more than he told me. ?
If only heaven had a phone. I try to say I'm ok cuz I know my Mom & Dad are together again but this sucks. I hate that I'm here alone now, well I do have my 2 awesome kidlets but I sure do need them some days.
My BEST Advice: Always, I mean ALWAYS EVERYDAY tell your loved ones how much you love them and need them cause you might not get the chance the next day. Life goes by so quickly so just take a moment and make sure your loved ones know deep down just how much they mean to you. ?? If no one told you yet today, I love you and I think you're an amazing human being!!! Stay Strong!! Sooo Much ? From Me and My 2 Little People. ?????????

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