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Member Since:  August 13, 2018
Hi?! Im a single Mom who unfortunately became sick in 2014 & fell upon some hard times and was put on Social Security Disability. This was after working for the same Corporation for over 20 years. This was a huge loss to my ego, sense of confidence and independence. I recently came upon Surveys and product testing and I just knew it was right for me. My brain is in dire need of challenges and I could definitely use the pick me up of meeting new people, products and rewards to lift the spirit. I feel I would be a valuable asset to help evaluate products in giving my 100% honest overall feedback.

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2023-09-24 17:20:33

September 24, 2018 

Hi there!!!??

2023-09-24 17:20:33

September 20, 2018 

Greetings from CA! Thanks for the friendship!