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Member Since:  February 23, 2018
Hello, I enjoy where I am in life, am young thinking, high energy. I have a family of young women with a recent birth of a grandson. I really like to try before I buy. I enjoy writing honest reviews of products I have tested and tried.
I like to stick with products that are non-evasive to my living space but at the same time are effective and make my job as a homeowner easier and more enjoyable. I tried to live a very small footprint on my space of earth, recycle, reuse, grow some of my own vegetables and herbs, conserve when and where I can, water, waste, carbon footprint, electricity and fossil fuels. I cycle during 3 seasons, walk, hike, use public transit or car pool. More as I go along with this new interesting website!

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Johnson's® Baby Shampoo My overall rating
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