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Member Since:  September 18, 2018
I am a married, professional mother with a young son. I am always seeking out new products to enhance my family's daily life and overall well-being — or those which allow me to complete daily tasks with more efficiency, convenience and/or enjoyment. I have a passion for discovering new personal care and beauty products, household goods and furnishings, crafts and toys, and anything that enhances the joy and wellness of my family (including anything that occupies/entertains my 4-year-old son or husband).
When selected for product testing/reviews, I maintain detailed notes and invest time and effort into the testing and reviewing process. As a consumer, I value the reviews of other customers/users of products and am very committed to providing thoughtful feedback, and honest, useful product reviews.
As a mother and full-time licensed professional with a masters degree, I personally value/enjoy the opportunity to test new products and write high-quality reviews, through which I aim to offer relevant and insightful information to my fellow shoppers/consumers; and promote the products, brands and companies that I love.

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