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Member Since:  March 25, 2020
Currently a stay at home mom and full time student pursuing my dream of having my bachelor's degree in business administration with concentration in human resources. Eventually would love to have my own business, not sure in what kind of business just yet. Engaged to the love of my life! Took me almost 40 years to find him but he makes it beyond worth everything I had to overcome. Together we have 7 kids, oldest is 22 and the youngest just turned 10. 2 of the 7 live with us, a 16 year old boy and a 15 year old girl. On top of 2 just barely over a year old dogs, I definitely have my hands full and always staying busy. And last but not least, we also have 1 granddaughter who turned 1 this past January and a grandson who turned 1 last October.

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