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Member Since:  October 18, 2019
I am a stay at home mom of 5 (3 girls & 2 boys). All my children are adults (18 & older) except my little fiesty 7 year old son. Definitely a country girl at heart! I enjoy finding great bargains, trying new things, reading, shopping, beach vacations and delicious food. Oh, did I leave out shoe fanatic?! The internet is where I find many good deals and stay connected to up-to-date news. I'm always searching out something everyday that involves great savings, it's how I found myself here. Most of my purchases are made from reading reviews. Never thought the opinions of others mattered until it started saving my time and money. I consider myself strongly opinionated, too honest, fun, loving and realistic. Having an adventurous son, I'm always trying new toys, gift ideas and unique things. My life experience will be a perfect match for writing reviews & giving an honest opinion!

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