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That little hair that sits where?!


Just commented on another post to something similar regarding chin hair but I've got this other non major issue ,..i get these super soft, thin, barely  visible hairs that grow randomly in different places of (usually my face ) Sometimes I'll even catch one so long just growing all by itself in the middle of my forehead and it's so barely visible , that it almost makes me angry at it for getting as long as it did ..like, "hey ,what the heck you think your doing here mr?!?!" LoL  
The ones that are most annoying  are the ones that I catch growing under my eye at the top of my cheek  so I look nuts trying to look down at my cheek as I survey its location so i atleast know its approximate location for when I get home to begin my plucking search and rescue! 

Does anyone ever get these types of hairs ?
Mar 26, 2020 @ 09:35 am

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