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Are you sending your child back to school?


Sorry if this may be a personal question! I’m genuinely curious are you sending your child back to school. If so are there any precautions that you’re taking? If not what is your view? I am asking because my sister is currently in high school and is immune compromised. With the numbers on the rise very worried about her and would like to know what my fellow internet friends are doing!
Oct 06, 2020 @ 12:28 pm

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No way.

I would not recommend sending an immune compromised child back to school. Our schools just decided to send them back October 12. My neice and nephew will be going back, but since I have a 6 month old, they won't be able to come over to visit unless wearing a mask and 6 feet away. I wouldn't send them back if they were my children. It seems to risky given that other districts have had to shut back down after reopening too quickly. Virtual learning is hard, but worth it for the safety. I'm super paranoid about catching covid and don't want to put my child at risk so I avoid going anywhere if possible. My husband works and I even get paranoid about him. He had a scare at work about 2 weeks ago and I wore a mask in my house around the baby until we both got tested and came back negative. It's such a weird time.
Oct 06, 2020 @ 01:19 pm

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