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Favorite Christmas Traditions


Hey all! What are your favorite Christmas traditions with your family? Now that I have a daughter, I love making her a Christmas Eve box. That usually includes pajamas, cozy socks, a book, a new stuffed friend, and snacks to enjoy that night! She loves it!
Dec 16, 2019 @ 11:57 am

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I love decorating gingerbread houses with the family!
Dec 17, 2019 @ 08:13 pm


We have one really fun one at Thanksgiving I truly look forward to each year. I have a Thanksgiving Tablecloth that we use fabric paint and paint our hands and press on this tablecloth each year. then we use fabric markers and each person writes their name up above their handprints and a message of Thanksgiving for that year and dates it. Each year I take it out and before we start we read the messages out loud. It's amazing to think of the messages of loved one who are still with us and those that have moved on to heaven, and the impact that they've made on our lives. It's also nice to see the babies that we've added to our families and how they've grown. This tablecloth is draped over our diningroom window for show and it's outside after dinner for everyone to put their new handprints, name date and message on it. I truly look forward to this event year after year.
Another one we do about a week before Christmas is we have a Cookie Exchange . Last year due to Covid we did a virtual exchange making cookies and sharing the recipes but it just didn't feel the same. Looking forward to this year actually getting together and having my friends and I back in my kitchen baking cookies and laying out trays of them for each of us to take an equal amount of each one home with us to enjoy on Christmas Day!
May 31, 2021 @ 01:29 pm


My favorite family tradition for Christmas and New Years is big, cozy, family dinners. I used to not be able to afford to have guests at my house because my kitchen was terrible. Luckily now I have a new kitchen from Kitchen Cabinets PRINCETON, NJ and everything looks so harmonious thanks to their professional designer.
Jan 22, 2022 @ 07:17 am

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