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Croc 'n' Roll Reviews
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Hop, skip and jump – just don’t let this Crazy Croc get you! Croc ‘n’ Roll is the fast-paced game that gets kids up and active!

It’s easy to get things rolling: place the colored lily pads inside the silly swamp ring, then turn the croc loose – he’s ready to chomp! Once the Crock starts rock ‘n’ rolling, players jump from lily pad to lily pad – but look before you leap! Jump onto the wrong color, step outside the swamp ring, or bump into the Crazy Croc and you lose a lily pad. The last player standing on their lily pad wins! The last player standing is the winner!

A great party game for kids, Croc ‘n’ Roll encourages players to start moving and develop their spatial awareness as they interact with other players. Hilarious and frantic, Croc ‘n’ Roll is the hilarious family game for kids!

Bring home Croc ‘n’ Roll – but don’t let the Crazy Croc get you!

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    November 16, 2018
    Tennessee, United States

    Not so great on hardwood

    So I bought the game for my 3yo son. He loves the crazy rolling croc ball. But we are unable to play the game properly for several reasons. The swamp is small and flimsy AF! It does NOT look anything like the picture. The walls are much shorter and it is very light weight-- and I'll go on about that in a sec. It says for up to three kids to play, but my single child has just enough room to avoid the croc ball-- and that's at full size; the game wants you to decrease the swamp ring size for single player. FYI: There is no storage container for this, so set aside a shoe box. Most everything should fit on an double-sized one-- one for like work boots or something. So if you have carpeted areas in your house, these will probably be the only problems for you. However, we are all hardwood and vinyl, and let me tell you, if I'd known these issues I'd have never bought it. Before even playing, I tested these lily pads it comes with. They are made of craft foam. There is nothing that keeps them from sliding over the floor. I get the kids are supposed to just stand on them, but what excited child is going to gingerly step on a foam lily pad??? So that's a hazard. We skipped out on those (with unfortunately grand protest from my son). The swamp ring MOVES with the croc ball! It doesn't just go a different way when it hits the wall, it drags the wall with it until it decides to change direction! The lily pads, I can solve by gluing that no-slide stuff for rugs to one side of them. The price of the game, for a game that gets your kid on their feet and moving, is worth getting that to add to it. But the swamp ring is another story. I have no idea how to keep it stationary on my floors without putting objects around it, which can be a tripping hazard and enough of them to keep the thing put. At least the ball works great and my son likes being chased and chasing it. But for us, that's about all it's good for.

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