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Forever in time ribbons & trims Reviews

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    August 13, 2019
    British Columbia, Canada

    Adorable little ribbon blend sets!

    We have this store here called scattered goods, and well.. The store is aptly named. I frequent this store for craft supplies as they have a wide variety and selection of almost anything you can imagine you'd ever need, and their prices are amazing. Today, I needed glass paint and some accents for dolled up bathroom towels I'm making for my oldest daughter's bathroom. She has moved into her very first place of her own and can't afford to just outfit her apartment with fancy things. And that's my cue, crafty mama to the rescue!

    Today I happened to stumble upon these adorable little gems for $1.29 each. If you ask me, they're a steal of a deal for those of us that do not want an entire spool of ribbon in a colour or pattern that we more than likely won't use again, or for situations like mine where you're making a series of things that you want to have the same concept but different patterns using the same colour scheme. (I have so much ribbon already, my husband could not even believe his ears when I told him I needed to find different ribbons lol)

    Each little card has 5 ribbons, and you get 1m of each of the five ribbons. This is perfect for what I need it for, and I didn't have to buy tons of ribbons I don't need, and, they match! All for under a buck and a half each. Does it get any better?

    It does! The quality is shockingly good. Each ribbon is thick, well made, sturdy, and has vibrant rich colours and great patterns. I am so impressed that I may just have to go get the other sets they had available! Hey, you never know when a crafty mama like myself will need a ribbon that matches something, and these are simply perfect and easy on the pocket book too! Too good to pass up!

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