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Giantsville Jumbo Wooden Blocks Floor Game Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 27, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    Custom rules create more fun

    This game is actually super fun, for adults and kids alike. One of my biggest concerns, with indoor play was the falling blocks. Being made of (admittedly light) wood, I was worried they would hit someone or something when they fall. Well, it’s true that they do make a really loud bang and you’ll want to make sure they can’t hit any important stuff, like your TV, but the blocks don’t really hurt much if they hit you. Still, it’s a bit nerve-wracking, so I prefer outdoor play for that reason.

    These blocks are great quality, made of pine with that pleasant pine smell. They come with a storage bag, a reusable score sheet and marker with an eraser. One really cool feature is that the blocks have numbers on them, which match up to custom rules that you can write on the sheet. To avoid ‘cheating’ I recommend fully building the tower and then writing the rules, it’ll be a surprise to everyone.

    The custom rules gives the game a lot of pizzaz and means it has a lot of different uses. For example, for young kids, you can have the rules be things like ‘Do a dance.’ or ‘hug your friend’. So they draw the number, they do the action. You can have more game based rules like ‘take a second turn’ or ‘draw a block while touching your nose with the other hand’. It even allows for a more adult version of the game. Draw this block, take a shot! It’s a pretty genius addition.

    One thing that can be confusing is it seems like you’re a block short when it’s fully built. That’s actually because the lowest tier of the tower is intended to have a gap in the middle. In other words, the bottom tier only has the two outside blocks and lacks the centre. Building it like this, you’ll have the right amount.

    Overall, this is a really fun ‘large’ sized, off-brand version of the popular wooden block building game (Jenga). The blocks are great quality and the custom rules bring a whole new set of fun to the proceedings, highly recommend for parties of all ages!

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