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Larktale Caravan (2023) Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 26, 2023

    Hands down BEST stroller wagon on the market!

    Listen up parents! We’ve all seen more and more people walking around with these new stroller wagons. Nice looking? Yes. Trending? Oh ya! Worth the hype? Heck YES a million times!!
    Now, after much research and deliberation, I chose the Larktale Caravan (2023)and boy am I glad I did!
    And this is why I love it so so much!
    • This stroller wagon is made for 2 children and has a 5 point harness on with side of the wagon, BUT can also sit 4 children comfortably and you can buy the added accessory of the double 5 point harness for each side!
    • There is a foot well to make sitting more comfortable for your littles, and it zips open to let out all the dirt, rocks, flowers and other little treasures your little bundle fills it with!
    • the seats! Oh my the seats! First! Wicked comfortable; bottom and back! Talk about riding in style! And they recline with zero impact to the function of the outside storage (we will get to that!). One of the seats also folds over and zippers to make the inside one flat bottom! Easy peasy! Great for naps, restless kiddos and transporting things that are not kids!
    • okay, storage! Soooo much storage, which us parents know is critical if you plan to leave the house with your kid(s)! And us women know even more because finding pockets made in our clothing is a rarity… anyways, there is 4 mesh pockets on the inside for drinks or snacks or treasures, let your little one decide! On the front (opposite of where you push) there is not only a HUGE storage basket, but there is also a zippered part on the bottom! The zippered part is where I keep the deluxe rain cover (which comes with it!) so we will have it if it starts to rain while we are out. This basket also easily folds up and out of the way for storage or if you don’t want to use it. Now on the back (underneath your beautifully designed and adjustable handle) there is lots (4?) of pockets! Some zippered, some elastic top, but all enough to hold your phone, your coffee and your pain relief (because kids are loud and exhausting & for one reason or another you’re going to have a headache at some point while out 😅🤷🏻‍♀️). And last but not least is your personal cup holder that clips onto a dedicated spot on the frame and moves so regardless of what incline you’re driving on, your precious drink will not spill!
    • the design and fabric is all so high quality! The tires are rubber, huge and handle so well on everything we’ve tried it on this far; pavement, grass, gravel road & sand… haven’t tried snow yet, but come winter we will and I’m not even worried with how well it handled everything else, I’m sure it will do just fine! Even when loaded with 4 kiddos!
    • best bang for your buck! While comparing strollers I also looked at the accessories and the cost of them… well let’s just say this wagon blows the others out of the water! Not only is is a lower price tag than other comparable luxury wagons BUT it comes with so many accessories that you would otherwise have to purchase from those comparable wagons. Heck yes!!
    • folding the wagon is also super quick and easy, the push of a button and pull up the middle and it folds like a dream and uses a buckle to keep it together. The handle folds down and canopies can come off to make it more compact and it goes easily in and out of the trunk of my Kia Optima!

    All in all this was 100% a super great investment and I wish I would have gotten it earlier! I cannot say enough great things about this wagon and rave about it to everyone that will listen! 😂 (I also get so many compliments everything I leave the house with it!)
    I would, without a doubt, completely recommend to anyone looking for a stroller and/or wagon that they want to be able to take with them through all their adventures with their family!

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