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Nerf Fortnite SP-L Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 06, 2019
    Ontario, Canada

    My son loves it!!

    My son absolutely loves Fortnite and Nerd so he was super happy when he got this gun. As always Nerf never disappoints, great product and great fun. Highly recommend for the youngsters.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 05, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    The most fun I've had in a while.

    Out of all the many Nerf guns I've tried, this one is most suited to kids. It has the pull-back 'reload' action, but the mechanism is so smooth and easy to use compared to others I've tried. It's so much fun that I honestly didn't want to put it down at the end of my testing session. There's another reason this is amazing for kids, you can fire it with no darts. So you like NERF and pretend for your kids, but they can't be trusted with the ammo (firing at cats, their brother, the list goes on), you can fire this gun totally without ammo. Is it as fun? Weirdly, yes. Being able to fire it without ammo opens up a whole avenue of pretend play. You can painlessly 'shoot' your hostage right in the head or pretend to be a movie or game bad guy without hurting anybody.

    When you add ammo it becomes pretty fun too, but even with the gentler foam darts this pistol takes, I felt it was pretty stingy. Given the clunky plastic look of this gun, I was surprised at the accuracy. Standing at one end of my hallway and firing it into my cat tree house window (cats were not in there at the time, please be aware of your pets!) was a great bullseye target. There is some slight drop-off, but it's pretty accurate. It gets more accurate with the long 'silencer' attached. It's fun both with and without the removeable silencer. When it's attached, the gun is comically large, but to be frank, I felt like a total badass toting this giant pistol around, so your kid will too!

    Loading the gun is also super simple, just pull back and slot all 3 darts into the opening, simply push them down. It's probably the easiest NERF gun to load and ready, that I've used thus far. The design is pretty fun. Let's be clear, it's cheap and plastic looking, but I really can't deny how fun this is. The bright gaudiness of it is great in it's own way and the patterned grip not only feels comfortable, but makes it look fancier than it is. There are some really cute little details. Fortnite (an online free Battle Royale game) is crazy popular with teens and kids right now, so this is bound to be a hit and while I find it's a tad overpriced, you're definitely paying for the Fortnite branding.

    Overall, this is a brilliant pistol based on a popular franchise, that's sure to be a hit with the kids and teens in your life. It is usable without ammo, or with three of the provided six darts at each time. It's great for pretend play or target practice and, simply put, it's just a ton of fun! Despite some minor flaws, I gave it five stars, because I really did love it.

    + Great for kids.
    + Pull back 'reload' action is super smooth and easy to do.
    + So much fun.
    + Can fire with no darts. (No hurting your brother!)
    + Pretend play is very fun with this chunky gun.
    + Good accuracy (better with silencer).
    + Loading gun is really easy.
    + Comes with six ammo.
    + Grip is textured and looks great.

    - Cheap plastic design.
    - A little expensive.
    - Slight drop-off.
    - Only takes 3 ammo.
    - Foam darts had some visible glue (Quality control should have caught this!).

    Recommended: Yes, you can't go wrong with a Fortnite gun, since it's so popular right now and the most important thing with a NERF gun is fun; the Fortnite SP-L has it in spades.

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