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Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi system Reviews

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    July 03, 2020
    Pennsylvania, United States

    Easy use home WiFi at your command!

    This Orbi looks cute, but there is much more than a cute looking plastic box with a softly glowing blue "eye". Plug Orbi into your router and into an electric outlet and you just put WiFi in your home - all by yourself! The range on the system is pretty good; my husband set up a smart tv and Orbi in the shed which is easily 100 feet from our old brick house but there is no signal issues (and that's saying something because our cell phones will go fuzzy in some areas of the old brick house).
    So the jist of how it works is: 2 transmitters and one receiver. One transmitter goes with your router, one somewhere else to help bounce the signal and the receiver goes with the device you want to ensure gets the signal (in our case a smart tv in the shed). Then you can also add other things onto the Orbi signal, so our tablets are on it as well.
    I didn't help set it up, my husband did it all and did not have any problems like having to call our isp (Verizon) for help getting the router to work with it or anything. It seemed easy enough though, and it works how it was intended. I will add pics with this post but no of the receiver in the shed; that is hubby haven and I stay out of it. I can say that while working on projects in the shed he has been thrilled to be able watch videos on the internet that assist him throughout. Orbi has made it easily possible.

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