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Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes Reviews
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    July 20, 2018
    Quebec, Canada

    Great Wipes

    Probably the best wipes I've tried to date. No, they aren't 'flushable', but if you read my other reviews, you'll know that Flushable is a planet-destroying myth that is causing huge problems to our sewage systems. So I personally am glad to see Pampers not fall into that trap. These should go in your diaper pail or trash.

    Ok, so what makes these wipes so wonderful? They are very durable and strong, to the degree that I can't imagine my fingers ever going through them and ending up in...well, you know.

    They are a great size, not too big and not too small, perfect for wiping messes and more. I also love that they are free of alcohol and lots of other nasties, like fragrance. It's a pet-hate of mine when stuff for sensitive skin has fragrance. Despite the lack of fragrance these don't smell bad or weird like some wipes I've tried.

    They also have the perfect amount of wetness and don't dry out too quickly or leave too much wetness behind. Most importantly, they don't just have a 'sticker' closing, but an actual plastic cap, so they'll actually stay close and won't dry out.

    I have only one very minor complaint which is that when the package is quite full, pulling out a wipe takes the second wipe out really far, and in order to close it then becomes tricky, as the closure area is very small and the wipe can sometimes be too big to close it over on. I don't think this will be an issue once it's more empty, but I'd love to see Pampers increase the size of the plastic closure to be a little bigger.

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