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Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist Nursery Humidifier Reviews
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    February 21, 2021
    Indiana, United States


    This worked perfect in my daughter's room. It doesn't take up much space. I love that it has dual direction nozzles and auto shut off. It's very quiet which is nice, I don't have to worry about it waking her up at night.

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    May 17, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    Simple and long-lasting

    I’ve tried a lot of humidifiers and they all have their pros and cons, while this one is advertised for a baby’s room, it’s actually a good all round humidifier for anybody. It does two things very well and that’s simplicity and size. Simply put, it’s easy to use and lasts longer than your average humidifier. One of the big pluses of this, compared to other types I’ve seen, is you can leave it running a couple of nights before it needs to be refilled. In terms of simplicity to use, you simply turn the dial, turn it more for more mist, less for less; and the more you have the more humidity you’re putting into the air.

    One thing I thought was really cool about this, that I haven’t seen before, was the dual direction nozzles. Basically, you twist the top sections to have the mist dispensing in the direction you want, which means you can have it pointing in two different directions. Pretty neat. It also has auto-off, I’ve yet to see one without this, but it’s always a feature I look for.

    In terms of noise, it really is quiet when turned to the lowest setting, if turning it up you can hear it very slightly. The only problem is, because of the design, when it ‘loads’ more water into the lower ‘burner’ section, it makes this really loud gulping noise. It sounds like a cat being sick, I know this because the first 20 times it happened I sat bolt upright and checked on all my cats. So I wouldn’t like to keep it in my bedroom for that reason and if your baby is a light sleeper, it could be a problem. Functionally, it’s very quiet, but not when it makes that noise.

    I also think the cord could be a tad longer, as it’s hard to find somewhere to put it where it isn’t close to anything.

    Refilling is not super easy simply because of the weight. You take off the ‘tank’, flip it upside down, open a knob and pour in the water. It’s very heavy after you’re done, but it does last a long time compared to other humidifiers. For this reason though, I feel it’s not very easy to clean (contrary to claims). You can’t actually even scrub this part. It’s recommended to put some vinegar in there and then rinse it out, but I worry about bio-films and am not 100 percent sure it’s being cleaned as well as I like.

    I do love that it doesn’t need a filter as that’s just an un-necessary expense for me.

    Overall, this is a great humidifier for those looking for a simple unit that lasts a good time without needing refilled. It’s easy to use and fill (though heavy), but a little more difficult to clean.

    + Large unit doesn’t need filled as often.
    + Simple to use.
    + Has adjustable strengths of humidity/mist.
    + 360 degree rotation is a neat feature that allows you to point the mist in 2 directions.
    + Noise of mist is very quiet.

    - Cord could be longer.
    - Gulping noise when water fills up the bottom.
    - Doesn’t have as many features as some.

    Recommended: Yes, if it’s a good price (price currently unlisted).

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