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Spring Chef Box Grater, 4-Sided Stainless Steel Large 10-inch Grater Reviews

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    September 03, 2019
    Louisiana, United States

    Great Grater!

    I cook a lot. And I love to use onions in almost everything I cook. But my family does not like biting into pieces of onion in their food, even if I've sauteed it to where it is nice and tender. They love the flavor, but they just don't like the texture. And I don't like using powdered onion. So for years now I'd been having this clash of how do I get the onion in the food without them biting into pieces of onion. Then one day the heavens shone upon me and it just popped into my brain. GRATE the onion! Yes, I said GRATE the onion! Yes, just like you grate cheese. And oh my oh my how happy of a cook I have become and how happy eaters my family has been! Now to perform this brilliant task, I needed a really, really sharp and steady grater. And this one is perfect! It has a different function on each of the four sides, 1) Coarse Shred 2) Medium Shred 3) Fine Shred / Zester 4) Slicer. It grates, slices, and zests better than any other grater I have used. The rubber Non-Slip base is just a dream and the thick, comfortable handle gives me all the control. It's super easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Now my bolognese, meatloaf, hamburgers, etc are juicier than ever, and full of flavor with no pieces of onion to bite into! And this grater is also great for cheeses and everything else you use a grater for.

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