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Stacking Owls from Discovery Toys Reviews

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    September 03, 2019
    Louisiana, United States

    Educational Fun

    These numbered Owls are so fun! My Son has had them since he was two, and he is now almost five and he still loves playing with them. They are different colors and they are numbered one - twelve. They helped my Son learn his numbers when he was two, and as he grew they helped with motor skills, color recognition, creativity and they are just fun to play with. They can be stacked upright, upside down and sideways. They balance on each other, which provides amazement and wonder. We have contests to see who can stack them fastest, or highest. We have loved them so much! We usually take one or two on car trips or to Dr appointments to keep us company. They are a chunky size, perfect for little hands to grasp and hold. Made of real wood, and very well made. The color is just starting to rub off a little after 3+ years of hard use. I highly recommend these Stacking Owls to anyone looking for a fun and educational toy that kids will continue to grow with for many years. NOTE: The ones from Discovery Toys, which is the ones we have, cost around $25, but you can also get the same owls from other companies for much, much less (Search Amazon for Stacking Owls). And most of the owls from other companies have the numbers written out on one side and the numeral on the other. The ones from Discovery only have the numeral, not the word. I've never used the ones from other companies, just Discovery Toys, so I can not attest to the quality of other brands.

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