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Three Farmer's Pea Pops Reviews
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    November 04, 2020

    Great healthy snack!

    Living a healthy lifestyle and needing on the go snacks, Pea Pops are fantastic. Dill pickle chips is something I've really been missing and these hit the spot wonderfully without the guilt or heavy carb load! Great source of plant protein is a bonus too

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    August 02, 2020
    Quebec, Canada


    At some point in the last few years I have started to notice that roasted peas are becoming a much more popular snack option as an alternative to potato chips. I’d never tried them until now, and I find that they have a great crunch and a very nice taste. I tried the ranch-flavoured Pea Pops and was initially a little worried about the ranch flavour being too strong, but it turns out the flavouring is light and not at all overwhelming.

    Roasted peas are light and crunchy with very little flavour on their own. They don’t really taste like peas, and they’re not too hard, so you don’t feel like you’re crunching on something really tough. They’re a great snack because they’re filling but not heavy on the stomach. Because they're not greasy or coated you can eat them while doing something else or watching TV without getting your hands dirty. Each pack of pea pops is a small snack-size portion of 28g, not quite enough to keep you full between meals but an easy snack to have when you feel just a little peckish.

    Nutrition-wise there’s just 100 calories in each pack, with 18g of carbohydrates (4 of fiber and 1 of sugar). One pack has about 9% of your daily sodium and 6g of protein, and they’re vegan and GMO-free.

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    June 28, 2020
    Ontario, Canada

    Pea Pop? Yes, Peas!

    Product: Three Farmers Pea Pops (Dill Pickle)

    If I have one junk food vice, it is dill pickle potato chips. I know that if I buy a bag there is the real possibility of nomming the whole thing by snaccident in one sitting, right down to the dust at the bottom. It is hard to find an alternative that offers a comparable amount of flavour and crunch, while also staying on the right side of healthier eating.

    Well, say hello to my new fav: Three Farmers Dill Pickle Pea Pops

    First, they had me at ‘dill pickle’, then it was ‘roasted, never fried’. From there, we went to: non-GMO, nut-free, gluten-free, vegan. There is much crunch and a perfect dill pickle taste that registers just below lip puckering. They offer an excellent source of phosphorus (the body needs this to make protein for growth, maintenance, and cell repair) and fibre, as well as iron and potassium. While not fried, they do contain some cold-pressed camelina oil. This is an oil that is very well balanced in Omega 3, 6 and 9. It also has one of the highest smoke points - 100° higher than coconut oil. This is a light, nutty oil that is good for cooking, drizzling and even massages. (Bottles of this oil are also available through Three Farmers.)

    Here’s another thing I love: this is a Farm to Fork product. This means that I can literally trace the peas through all production stages - growing, harvesting, processing. Each bag comes with a product code that can be searched on their website to find out where and how all the action happened. My peas came from Keeler, Saskatchewan.

    I literally bought these at my local dollar store. Finally, here is a quality, healthy snack that won’t break the bank. There are other flavours to choose from but it will be hard to get me away from my dill pickle ones. Three Farmers also makes crunchy chickpeas and lentils. The bags come in both regular and snack pack sizes.

    Easy peasy snacking!

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