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Uni-Solve Reviews
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    September 01, 2019
    North Carolina, United States

    Adhesive doesn't stand a chance

    Any parent that has a child wearing medical equipment that requires adhesive to stick to the skin you need Uni- Solve to remove it. My Type 1 Diabetic sons wear a Dexcom sensor and Omnipod insulin pump and the adhesive from these devices is extremely sticky and can be quite difficult to get off there skin during device location changes. Uni-Solve is simple to use and a little bit goes a long way. We use the liquid form in my household and after applying it we just wait a few minutes and the devices literally will just fall off of there body. All of the stickiness is gone and there is no redness or irritation on there skin whatsoever. Before we used Uni-Solve device location changes were a nightmare, we had nasty sticky red irritated skin and now I can honestly and happily say we don't. So if your a mother with or an adult who wears anything that requires adhesive to your body try Uni-Solve to remove it, I'm sure your skin will thank you. I know my boys thanked me for buying it for them.

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