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Uveez Wrap Around Baby Sunglasses, 0+ Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 06, 2021
    Alberta, Canada

    If you can find these, buy them. Best deal around.

    These sunglasses are great and provide the protection required. The only negative is attatching the strap. The strap nub that clips into the arm of the glasses is longer than the width of the arm which results in leaving a mark in my babies head. This could be a one off and just the pair i bought though. Reversing the strap and clipping from the inside of the arm doesnt work as the strap adjustment piece and backside of clip into the arm pushes into the head as well. My baby hates the feeling of both. That being said, they still do the job without the strap I just have to keep checking to make sure they havent fallen off or been pulled off. Its a minor inconvenience, but could be the same issue for other baby sunglasses. These are far less expensive than many others I have seen in retail stores and online. Im talking 20.00 plus cheaper so well worth the price especially because they arent flimsy and "cheaply" crafted. I do recommend these.

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