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Walgreens Overnight maxi Reviews

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    September 03, 2019
    Wisconsin, United States


    I am in absolute amazement with these overnight pads with wings. Usually when I get pads I absolutely hate the wings because it seems like they never seem to stay in place or are never long enough for me. That is not the case with this pads at all, they are honestly one of the best pads I have ever used. I love that they are long and provide me the best protection overnight. Although they are bigger pads they are comfortable and do not feel bulky, like many others I have tried. They say they have a 10 hour leakage protection and although I haven't used them for exactly ten hours they really hold a lot and have not leaked through at all. The wings on the pads are nice and sticky and stay in place instead of peeling back and shifting. I would definitely recommend these pads to anyone who needs a heavy duty type of pad as they provided me the best protection.

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