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Member Since:  September 26, 2018


on February 06, 2021  gifty  200 said:

Hello how is everyone doing i am new here single can never married with no kids i need a woman to start a relationship

on October 12, 2018  leftysgirl  440 said:

Ugh— & they didn’t show up right! It was an eye roll and laughter face, but ok :)- I wanted to ask you something privately, but I guess I can’t! Bummer

on October 12, 2018  leftysgirl  440 said:

?? (Hoping these emojis will show up correctly!)

on October 12, 2018  leftysgirl  440 said:

Hey—how in the world can I PM you on here?! ???‍♀️

on October 07, 2018  Chicaly  255 said:

Thanks for the add!
  Thank You

on October 06, 2018  Jmma3227  632 said:

Hey there!!! Hope your having a good weekend!! I love how in October their is always so many activities to do with the kids!!! I can never have a minute of silence in October i swear!!

on October 06, 2018  Patty 10  302 said:

I accepted it, thank you not sure how this works though I'm new

on October 06, 2018  Sugarbear1964  957 said:

Hi my name is marie...(Sugarbear) .zi just today received my first item to review.
  Thank You

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