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Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

This has been a complete life saver with our second son!! Makes bottles so quickly and perfect every time!! Any parent that is planning on formula feeding it’s worth the investment!!

Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Cream

I know with new mamas rashes can be scary, things happen ( heat rash, change of food) when in doubt I urge to try this when you feel nothing else has helped to your likings, resort to this I promise you won’t be disappointed. A little goes a seriously long way with this...

Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

Johnson and Johnson has been around for years. My mom used it on my siblings and I and now I use it on my children. It comes in different fragrances which I have to careful that it won't break my children out in a rash.

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

I have always used pampers for my babies since 1999, My oldest is 21 and my youngest that I’m taking care of is 8 months old and I wouldn’t choose a different diaper to use! They are not expensive and affordable

Honest Company Hair & Body Wash

With very sensitive skin and scalp, I decided to try baby shampoo instead of the shampoos I had been trying that made me break out and have dandruff. I was a bit skeptical but here I am 8 years later and it’s the only shampoo and body wash I use! No more irritated skin or...