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pampers active diapers

Dont you love going to change a diaper and removing your babies pants or sleeper to find the baby has pooped or peed through her diaper. Clothes are now stained and mommy isnt very happy. Farther more when you release the diaper you find the filling of the diaper has exploded...

Huggies Baby Diapers Little Movers

My husband and I used to buy huggies diapers like religion until we found a brand that actually fulfills its promises to consumers. Huggies little Movers do not properly cover my babys bottom, her bumcheeks are always falling out when she tries to move and the diapers leak in a...

Rascal and Friends diapers

I switched my daughter from 5he always leaky huggies and Pampers to rascal and friends and will never trust another brand to keep my little ones dry and to avoid rashes. My daughter is prone to crashing as her skin is very sensitive with rascal and friends her diapers never...

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Unfortunately this product squeeze my baby waist and give spots on his waist and thighs. Is not a problem about size because I did try many options and ways for put it.

Babyganics Bubble Bath - Fragrance Free

I got a small sample product from a baby box. It's an okay bubble bath soap for baby. It's mild and lightly scented. I liked how its not made with heavily perfumed products / harsh products for baby's skin. It took a bit to make bubble suds in the water.