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johnson & johnson calming baby bath liquid soap

Love this product. Used for both of my sons. It smells amazing an has never given them a rash.i always use it in their baths before bed. Love that the new bottles have a pump.

Huggies snug and dry diapers

I was never a fan of Huggies as they leaked with my first son. The hospital had them so we used on our second. Wow have they improved. I’m a big fan of the elastic back as my lo is chunky.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

I love these diapers. The were and still are helpful for my husband to determine if my son is wet or not. My son is chubby and the diapers fit well. So far no leaks!

Huggies baby wipes natural care

Huggies wipes Stay moist and are easy to use. The quality has improved from my first son.they used to rip easily but now they are much stronger.i will definitely purchase them again.

Luvs Baby Diapers

We bought these when our second child was born as we used them with our first and they are so cheaply made now. My son soaked through these in nothing flat. Would not buy again unless in a pinch.