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Dog SUV Pet Barrier

Keeps my dogs safely in the back without me needing to worry or reach back and rescue after too many bumps and bangs. Does its job perfectly and is very adjustable to meet vehicle needs

Parents choice paw patrol training pants

Our son is great paw patrol fan and I was looking for paw patrol diapers and found this from Walmart. The print is super cute, with character in the front and tail in the back! Highly recommend it

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

I really liked Pampers for my first 2 babies but I feel like 13 years later there product changed a bit. My youngest (3rd child) would always wake up drenched. Its also really expensive so we had to find another brand that was lower in price.

Live Clean (baby) Tearless Shampoo & Wash

I have been using this product since my son was born almost 8 years ago! It smells wonderful but not overpowering and leaves his skin so soft. I absolutely love Live Cleans baby line. Thank you Live Clean for an amazing line of baby clean ❤

Phillips Avent baby bottles

The best investment any parent could make. The nipple variations are amazing so you can customize what one works best for your baby. We used gerber for 3 of our children but the last baby was projectile everytime he ate , we switched to these and never looked back!!!!