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Baby Bathing - Shampoo Reviews

Newborn and very young infants do not require anything more than warm water for their daily baths if the diaper area is cleaned well after every change.  For those messier cleanups and for toddlers and older children, chemical intervention may be required.  Tots are second only to cats in their love of being shampooed, so a tear-free formula is not only a good idea - it's an inevitable lifesaver. 

Our Tip: Baby shampoos are ideal for cleaning your makeup brushes!

Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo is the product Mom probably used when bathing you back in the day and is the best known; however, many other options including natural-ingredient products are also available.

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Paw patrol 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo

27 reviews

I bought this clearly because my daughter is absolutely obsessed with Paw Patrol. She has sensitive skin and usually breaks out in eczema from scented items but for some reason had no issues with this product. I was amazed by this, and so glad as it is something she loved...
Hello Bello Extra Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash

9 reviews

HELLO BELLO EXTRA GENTLE BODY WASH- So my little one's skin is highly sensitive. We had to try out different products to see what best suited her and Hello Bello was one of the products we tested out. Price-wise, I would say it was okay. The finish on the skin is not what I was...
Arbonne ABC Hair and Body Wash

41 reviews

J’adore ce produit. Très efficace, lave et hydrate bien la peau. Efficace pour les peau sèche et très sensible c’est pourquoi je la recommande fortement a tout le monde.
Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

14 reviews

I love this baby wash and cinditioning shampoo, was looking for something to use on my daughter she has very sensitive skin. This has seemed to help a lot with her not breaking out in a rash.This baby wash always smells so good! I give it as gifts quite often.i will recomment it...
SheaMoisture Olive & Marula Baby Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo

4 reviews

Any parent wants the best for their baby. This baby wash fits the bill! It’s gentle on their delicate skin, nourishing, smells FANTASTIC! A little bit goes a very long way.
L'Oreal Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo in Burst of Orange-Mango

30 reviews

My daughter has always wanted to try this shampoo, it smells great in the bottle and the bottle looks fun. But it made her hair feel aweful, smelled like vomit and her hair was so unmanageable after using it. I ended up having to wash her hair immediately after cause she...
Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo

12 reviews

I did not like this product at all! When i think of babies I think of lightly scented products, and i think of that freshly washed baby scent. This made my child literally smell like vomit. I took her out of the bath and smelled her and its all i could smell. I had to rewash her.
Jafra Tender Moments Toddler Shampoo

3 reviews

JAFRA TENDER MOMENTS TODDLER SHAMPOO is excellant for the kiddos, it smells great and leaves them smelling clean and fresh, I like that it is very gentle for their skin and hair and that it doesn't burn the eyes.
Suave for Kids Detangling Spray in Awesome Apple

4 reviews

I bought this for my daughter who has long hair that gets tangled so I tried this and I couldn’t believe the outcome the comb and brush went right through it I was amazed. We have tried other brands and this is our favourite now. She also loves the scents
GAIA Organic Conditioning Detangler

2 reviews

My little girl has REALLY long hair and it didn't take effort getting all the knots out using the detangler! Would recommend to anyone! After the pool, our tangles from a windy day, right after a bath. Works like a charm! :)
Trolls shampooing et revitalisant

2 reviews

My son loves the movie Trolls and was even more excited to see the 3 in 1 shampoo, body wash and conditioner that actually looks like Branch complete with troll hair! It’s very cute and smells great!
Li'l Goat's Milk Shampoo and Body Wash

8 reviews

Love love love goats milk products It keeps the skin smooth and soft Great for the little ones and also for elderly due to their skin dryness Buy it today
L'Oreal Kids 2-in-1 Orange

5 reviews

J'utilise l'oreal pour enfant depuis ma jeunesse. Et maintenant c'est celui que j'utilise pour mes enfants. Le 2 en 1 rend la tâche du bain pour les plus jeunes, un jeu d'enfant. Sa ne brûle pas les yeux, sa sens bon les fruits et le design de la bouteille attire l'oeil.
Suave for Kids 2 In 1 Shampoo in Wild Watermelon

15 reviews

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Honey Babe Manuka Honey Shampoo

1 review

this product is buy buy for your baby, gives them a tearless bath and they are all organic product. Just love it. bought this brand & trusted on it for my baby.
My Baby Children's Shampoo with Birch Buds 280 Ml

1 review

I am very impressed with this product. It does all that it claims, and we have to be very careful with children.also, and the most important, my children ask me for it byname!!
Mustela Dermo Cleansing Solution

8 reviews

This product attracted me at girst as I viewed a review and it was raved. But once I started using it I found it to not be neccessary to a babies routine. I find usuing gentle baby soap does just fine and does not need to be replaced. Sometimes even a waem cloth with no products...
Aden   Anais Mum and Bub Hair and Body Wash

1 review

This hair body wash makes bath time quick and easy. It rinses off easily and is gentle on my baby's skin. It is mildly scented (which I am not opposed to). I love smelling his cleanly washed head. So heavenly!
L'Oreal Kids Blueberry Smoothie 2-in-1 Shampoo

6 reviews

L'OREAL kids Blueberry smoothie is my son's favorite shampoo. He likes the smell and he likes that the bottle is blue. It even smells good, not too overwhelming.
Avon Kids  2 in 1 Super Gentle Shampoo

5 reviews

it has a lovely smell to it. seemed to wash good. like the fact that it is natural.