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Baby Bathing - Soaps & Body Washes Reviews

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Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bath

473 reviews

Johnson's is just an all around good company that makes good products. My youngest fought sleep so much, I was at a loss. I saw a commercial for the betime baby bath and figured I'd give it a try. It worked. On nights that she just couldn't sleep, a warm bath and some cuddling...
Johnson's® Cottontouch™ Newborn Wash and Shampoo

314 reviews

I just got my 10th grandbaby and my daughter received this cottontouch flavor and oh my goodness does it ever smell so good. Call me old fashioned because I have always bathed my babies with Johnson's johnsons in the pink bottle cuz it made my baby's so soft and smell like a...
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash

258 reviews

This product was so gentle on my daughter's skin. She didn't cry with it. It smells nice and it is very cheap. I don't have any issues with this. I would continue to buy this.
Johnson's® Head-to-Toe® Baby Wash

265 reviews

This baby soap is perfect. The smell is great. It leaves the baby clean and soft. Perfect baby wash for your own kids or as a gift. I love the bottle size, and pump top. Other products in this line are great as well. Consider this soap for your baby!
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin Bar

213 reviews

Since my daughter was a baby.I have been through many different kinds of soap but she kept getting allergic reaction from it.Until I decided to try dove sensitive baby soap is amazing.It not only leaves her skin soft but she does not break out anymore.I recommend this soap for...
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash

160 reviews

I used tons of product from brand name to homemade organic once so far find this product good if I compare it to other high price product. I am happy dove made baby product.
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar

157 reviews

Doves baby bar works great, no sponge needed for this, plus your child feels accomplished being able to wash their self. No dry skin afterwards, your child smells fresh and clean. My daughter absolutely loves being able use this bar by herself, although they get rather slippery...
Dove Baby Fresh Scent Bar

152 reviews

I love all dove products but I especially love the dove baby fresh scent bar. I use it on both my daughters and it makes there skin incredibly smooth with a refreshing scent. I would definitely recommend this!
Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bubble Bath

95 reviews

I used to use this on my youngest, whenever I would bathe him, i would love the way it helped him go to sleep lovely, and smell was very nice, and it got his skin so soft
Live Clean (baby) Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash

93 reviews

I like to buy this product for my kids and even use it on myself sometimes. It smells amazing and is nice and gentle on our sensitive skin. It also has a nice and light scent.
Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Baby Bath

104 reviews

I was gifted this as a baby shower gift, and it took me a whole year to go through the one bottle. As soon as I was running out I bought more of it! My daughter had no issues with it, and I figure you cant mess with that.
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar

68 reviews

I have always bought baby dove bar for the last 20 years . I love the scent and how gentle it is however it’s not the baby smell it use to be which I loved more . Bring back the older time baby scent! It was gentle too and fresh. I would even use them in a vase in my bathroom...
JOHNSON’S® Skin Nourish Vanilla Oat Wash

48 reviews

Johnson & Johnson baby wash in the new oatmeal vanilla scent is so delightful. Nothing smells better than a clean baby but this takes the cake. The wash is so gentle and hydrating for my daughters sensitive skin and she loves taking baths and letting me wash her with this. She...
Johnson's® Soothing Vapour Bath

79 reviews

Thank you Family Rated for the opportunity to try this product for free. My daughter has allergies and is frquently blocked up with a runny nose. Using this body wash before bed has been a great way to clear her up and help her get to sleep. I love that the packing has a pump...
AVEENO Baby Eczema Care Body Wash

62 reviews

I love this product for myself even though I'm 25. Especially in the colder months this product is great with keeping my skin from getting so dry and flacky.
Johnson's® Baby Moisture Wash

24 reviews

So the wash definitely got my baby clean and it didn't bother his skin. However I feel it could have been alot more moisturizing than it was. My son had really dry skin. For someone without really dry skin, it's probably perfect
Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Moisture Wash

15 reviews

I have used Johnson's products for all three or my children and have yet to be disappointed. The new bottles and formula are great for my children but I mostly use it for my toddler. I always recommend Johnson's bedtime products because I find it helps my toddler sleep.
JOHNSON’S® Skin Nourish Shea & Cocoa Butter Wash

16 reviews

The Baby Wash was a lovely clean. It lathers well and leaves skin soft & smooth. The scent was nice and not too strong. I love that it not only leaves baby soft & smooth, but me as well!
Cetaphil baby nettoyant ultra-hydratant

8 reviews

Mon coup de coeur. J'ai découvert ce savon en le recevant en cadeau (format échantillon). Depuis, je l'utilise pour mon bébé naissant, ma fille et moi qui réagit beaucoup (allergie) a plusieurs savons. Il est parfait pour la peau sensible, allergique, en plus de sentir le...
Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash

1 review

This body wash soothes my daughter so much at night with bath time that she is almost asleep by the time we are done getting her washed. I love how creamy the body wash feels and how silky her ski is after her bath, and thats before putting lotion on her!