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Baby Bathing - Soaps & Body Washes Reviews

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Johnson's® Head-to-Toe® Baby Wash

342 reviews

This product is great and affordable. It is not harsh on babies skin at all. I would recommend it to any moms I come across and I will continue to buy this for my baby.
JOHNSON’S® Skin Nourish Vanilla Oat Wash

52 reviews

I love the unique smell of this Johnson baby shampoo. So gentle and leave my hair smell so nice and more importantly leave my hair smooth with the conditioner contain in the shampoo. I will definitely use this shampoo whenever I travel too.
Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bubble Bath

105 reviews

We use this every evening bath as part of our bedtime routine. The product is calming and smells amazing. It was especially helpful during witching hours.
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath

29 reviews

I used this as directed. We received this as a gift as I would never spend that much money on bubble bath and I honestly do not know what is special about it. The bottle was much smaller then expected for the price range. It has a sweet purfumey scent but it doesn't say anywhere...
Johnson's® Soothing Vapour Bath

123 reviews

I used to always have a bottle of Jhonson's Soothing Vapo Bath on hand when my child was a young! It was so simple to use and make me feel like I was truly helping him when he had a cold and was congested. There isn't much on the market so help with congestion in small babies...
Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bath

573 reviews

This has been a favorite with my kids and grandkids. Smells great and who doesnt love purple. Leaves kids skin smooth and soft and clean. Johnson has a long standing reputation for good products. You should try it!
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin Bar

239 reviews

Really like this dove bar for sensitive skin. It makes the skin feel so smooth and soft.it also smells amazing. Definitely recommend for use on your baby.
Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Baby Bath

123 reviews

This is a frequently used wash for both our babies. It has a light, comforting scent with a really great lather. A little goes a long way. Its gentle on all skin types and is perfect for daily baths!
Dr.Bonners Baby Mild Liquid Soap

4 reviews

I love Dr.Bonners Baby Mild Liquid Soap, I use it straight out of the bottle as a head to toe wash, mix it with water in a foam pump for hand wash, use it when making homemade baby wipes. This product cleans well but is also super gentle, no reactions in my house full of very...
Lalabee Baby Gentle Baby Wash

2 reviews

I like this because my daughter likes 'foamy soap'. She was getting a few little pimples and so I tried it on her face and they cleared up. It doesn't bother her eyes either.
Avon Fruit Scented Kids Wash

3 reviews

This is something that I really enjoyed as a child. It was fun and clean. I enjoyed the smell and was great for me, especially since my grandmother sells AVON.
Baby Vapour  Bath

2 reviews

I use vapor bubble baths with my son when he's stuffed up. It works wonders! After a bath his nose is clear. I use the Life brand from Shoppers Drug Mart.
Live Clean (baby) Tearless Foaming Wash

8 reviews

I love this wash, the fact that it comes out as foam makes it really convenient and easy to use when dealing with a wiggly baby, but it also just is the perfect scent for a baby, soft and clean.
AVEENO Baby Eczema Care Body Wash

86 reviews

After having my son's skin react to many other baby soaps I purchased the Aveeno Baby Eczema care body wash and it made it huge difference within a few days. His skin has continued to be rash free with continued use
Johnson's® Baby Moisture Wash

30 reviews

I have coloured hair that seem to dry out after most shampoos. This yellow coloured shampoo is so mild I dont have to use another brand conditioner. My hair is shoulder length and after wrapping my hair in a towel I have know problems with knots or hair breaking any more. I
Gaia Bath & Body Wash

2 reviews

no good and the price is too high for such a product.
Johnson's Baby Wash Honey-Apple

12 reviews

This product is great. A great buy for any moms or dads. My daughter love this. And it's a great value for the price. As a mom of five children I use it on all of them. And the honey apple smell is the best
Live Clean (baby) Soothing Oatmeal Relief Tearless Baby Wash

43 reviews

Great wash for anyone who has sensitive skin. My son has eczema everywhere and this helps with soothing the skin and controlling the dry skin. Highly recommended.
Live Clean (baby) Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash

141 reviews

I have been using the live clean products for a while and love them all. I love this one in particular as it can also be used as a bubble bath as well. My little one loves it and it smells great as well!%
Live Clean (baby) Soap Bar

5 reviews

I love how gentle this soap is but yet it does a great job cleaning. It lathers well and doesn’t leave a soapy residue. Smells great and very mild on the skin.