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Baby Food Reviews

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Nestlé Gerber Organic Baby Cereal

270 reviews

Ce produit es idéal pour débuter l'alimentation de bébé la liste d'ingrédients est tres courte donc Parfais pour vérifier les possibles réaction allergique de bébé et le packaging est parfais pour le transpor et la conservation
Nestlé Gerber Puffs Blueberry Vanilla Flavour

209 reviews

Since 6 months I introduced this food to my baby, until my baby learned to pick hiw own food. It quickly melt on his mouth that is why I'm not worrying that he will choke. We immediately buy every time we run out since baby loves to eat her snacks 3 times in a day...
Nestlé Gerber Oat & Prune Baby Cereal

138 reviews

While introducing new foods into my babies life we’ve run into some troubles with bowl movements. I’ve tried straight puréed prunes and they did the job too well, so I figured this was a good alternative but I find that it has absolutely zero effect on him. I’ll be going...
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Banana Melts

117 reviews

Miam ! Quel gout je trouve que c'est une collation parfaite et en plus sa l'aide a la dextérité de mon garçon parfait ! format parfait pour traîner dans le sac a couche
Mr. Christie's Arrowroot Biscuits

86 reviews

This is a great snack for baby (and for mommy too!) My daughter absolutely loves these biscuits, especially when she dips them in milk. I like these biscuits as well they are yummy!!
Nestlé Gerber Lil' Crunchies

94 reviews

My kids are older now but I have given them these as a snack when they were younger. I always test out the food before I give it to my kids and to be honest they reminded me of a healthy version of Cheetos. My kids loved them. If they had an adult version of these I'd buy them...
Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereal

94 reviews

I tried it as the very first solid food for my baby. But did not work for me. I really dont know much how good these nestle rice cereals are, but was extremely terrible for me. Probably a pinch of cereal was inside my babies stomach. Baby vomit for 3/4 hours. After everything...
Gerber Arrowroot Cookies

77 reviews

We bought a very large quantity on amazon on accident. I was conceded we would not go through them but sure enough my daughter ate them all. We love the resealable bag it keeps them fresh. Super easy snack and good for on the go. I would buy more.
Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt Melts

44 reviews

Who ever created these is pure genius ! I mean simple idea and perfect . This were a biggest hit with my daycare ! Easy for fast snack or on the go ! I even loved the taste
Baby Mum-Mum Banana Rice Cookie

57 reviews

These have been great for my teething baby. He ALWAYS wants both crackers. It’s like he knows it comes in a 2 pack lol. Banana is his favourite flavour but also likes the vegetable ones!
Love Child Organics Purée

40 reviews

My baby loves these food pouches! It doesn’t seem to matter what flavours they are, she gobbles them up and always wants more! I love that the ingredients are simple, organic, and no added sugar. Loaded with nutrients and I can feel good about what I’m nourishing my little...
Cheerios General Mills Honey Nut Cereal

22 reviews

These are great! My little one loved them, they dissolve fast enough to be safe for younger babies, and they are helping babies learn hand coordination. Great snack for babies and kids of all ages (and adults too!). I don’t give my baby a lot of snacks like this (we stick to...
Mum-Mum Banana Rice Crackers

45 reviews

My little one had esophageal surgery when he was 24 hours old, and because of that, he can't have any food that has solid chunks yet. We can only do purees and easy foods that melt in his mouth. So mum mums are perfect!! They melt quick in his mouth, and we discovered that...
Similac Advance Omega 3 & 6

44 reviews

Le lait Similac advanced est le seule lait que ma cocotte digère et aime avec les autres sortes de laits ma fille a des colliques et des gaz j'adore ce produit
Nestle Gerber Graduates Puffs

27 reviews

My little's gobbled these up! I always had them in my baby bag for on the go. Blueberry is the go-to flavour. Bonus: they doubled as a fun "shaker" for impromptu dancing :)
Similac Advance Step 1

9 reviews

Tres bon produit ma fille adore. Elle boit cette formule depuis la naissance et aucun problème elle grandit en pleine santé avec aucun retour de croissance. Et boit son lait avec appétit.
GOM•ME nettoyant à tétines

1 review

Après avoir essayer plusieurs savon à vaisselle, j’avais constamment l’impression qu’il restait un dépôt graisseux dans les biberons de mes enfants, après avoir essayer ce nettoyant, j’ai vu une grosse différence au niveau de la propreté des tétines et des...
360 munchkin cup

5 reviews

Best cup for toddlers hands down. I have a 2 year old and we have been through several different sippy cups/cups, but this one is the only one she has done well with. Great quality and doesnt leak unlike all the other ones we've tried. She loves this cup and it helps Kids learn...
The First Years - Inside Scoop Plate with Suction Base

1 review

The First Years Inside Scoop Plate with Suction Base works perfectly for us. Unlike others we’ve had in the past that have one big suction cup on the bottom, this plate features 3 small suction cups on the bottom to hold it down so little hands cannot throw their entire meal...
Kushies silicone suction plate

1 review

Love the variety these silicone plates come in. They also offer a suction feature to ensure they stay in place during meal time. Cleanup is easy with these products because you can just throw them in the dishwasher!