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Baby Gear - Carriers Reviews

Baby carriers are often underrated, and yet some will argue that they are as important or more than a good stroller.  We've been bundling babies to our bodies for centuries at least, knowing instinctively to pair convenience with the benefits of mother-child bonding.  From those age-old methods to the modern strap 'n buckle models like Infantino or Baby Bjorn, some of the most popular baby carriers are the old-is-new-again Slings and Wraps (eg. Moby).

Our Tip: choose a baby carrier with the caregiver's comfort and fit in mind as much as Baby's!

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The Smiggle Unicorn School Bag

3 reviews

We had them from year 4 right up until the end of primary school. One looks a bit battered but it's a lighter colour. They've lasted well...unlike the new bag DS got for secondary school that didn't even last 3 weeks!!
BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original City Black

84 reviews

This baby carrier is a serious life saver! I have 14 months between my two kids so I couldn't have functioned without this piece of kit when both want to be carried or in a pram!
Tula Standard Baby Carrier

40 reviews

I was gifted this by my sister who is a midwife and recommended it. I had to get the infant insert to start and it’s a little bulky with all the straps, but once you get it adjusted to how you like it, it’s very comfortable for you and baby. It comes with a little...
Lillebaby Carryon

1 review

This carrier is used for toddlers up to 60lbs. It has a nice supportive belt so you don't feel the weight on your back at all. The back can unzip so the mesh can keep your child cool. I had back issues but still used this almost daily on hikes and walks and did not find it hard...
Diono Carus Baby Carrier

1 review

Considering how quickly babies outgrow just about anything you buy, having a baby carrier which can be adjusted depending on their size, weight and situation is very useful. Instead of being forced to buy multiple carriers, the Diono Carus lets you simply switch from carrying...
ergo baby embrace

1 review

I am struggling as a new mom and the carrier help me with my baby for babywearing. I can do stuff while carrying the baby. It is soft. It is easy to use and wear. will definitely recommend this product
Minnie Mouse infant toddler rocker

2 reviews

My baby girl loved this Minnie Mouse Rocker she always still wants to get in it so I let her use it for a baby dolls and she has so much fun being their mommy
Baby Bjorn Baby carrier one

2 reviews

I really like this carrier and I've tried TONS. It's really easy to use and also to put in baby by yourself without an extra hand. The material is also very soft and made very well. Would definitely recommend.
Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

19 reviews

My daughter would only nap if she was held and being carried around. As soon as I stopped moving she would wake up. The carrier allowed me to get things done while carrying her. The carrier itself is quite comfortable and can be easily adjusted for myself or my husband. Even...
Lillebaby complete

2 reviews

This is one of my most used and favorite baby products. I refer to it lovingly as the baby whisperer because every time I put my colicky baby in it, she falls asleep. It is pretty breathable which helps on hot summer days. It is also very easy to put on by yourself and it has...
Boppy comfort fit

1 review

This fit my newborn and 3 year old. I love the style, fabric, versatility, and easy of using this product. The softest and most comfortable carrier I've used.
Tula Explore baby carrier

2 reviews

I've worn my 4 kiddos over the last 9 years. My Tula has now been used for 3 of my children. It makes life easier, and I love having my babies close. Comfortable and durable. Easy for Dad's to use too!!
Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining

47 reviews

I purchased the Original Ergo baby carrier when I had my second child. I was a gifted a different one with my first which I hardly used but with my second i went out and got this one and am so thankful that I did. This has been the single best purchase I've made when it comes to...
Lillebaby Complete Airflow

21 reviews

I had used other carriers but found they hurt my back. I joined a carrier group on Facebook to see if anyone had any suggestions. I wanted to be able to carry my daughter so I didn't have to lug the stroller everywhere. People recommended the Lillebaby. I went back and forth...
Tula Free to Grow Carrier

5 reviews

Tula free to grow carrier is a great carrier, sturdy seams and high quality, the ease of use is something that comes with practice. Baby wearing on the front is comfortable for little babies but to back wear for older babies is a bit more complicated trying to get the baby in...
Moby 2-1 Carrier Hip Seat

2 reviews

The Moby 2 in 1 carrier is an excellent addition to the “baby gear.” Not ideal for newborn, but once your baby is about 12 lbs you can use the chest facing position. My 10 week old who just hit 12 lbs does pretty good in this but she’s still a little low and the shoulder...
Beluga Baby wrap

2 reviews

I was recommended this wrap by one of my friends as a “must have” for baby! I was not disappointed! My baby is very gassy and often wakes herself up from it! I started using this wrap when I needed to be able to get household chores done and when my husband was back at work...
Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover

2 reviews

I purchased this off of amazon for my LO. It is amazing. It blocks the wind and keeps him warm in the carrier. It comes with a hood and has an elastic that goes around their feet to keep the wind out. I love that it has pockets for me too!
K’tan baby carrier

10 reviews

After avoiding baby carriers for my first 2 it became a must on my 3rd. This carrier has been a life saver. I love that it is stretchy, can be worn in various ways with kids as they get older, and is machine washable.
Babybjorn baby carrier mini

1 review

We love our BabyBjorn baby carrier mini in 3D mesh! Super lightweight and comfortable for both mommy and baby. The mesh allows maximum airflow which come in handy during our Texas summers. Baby stays comfortable and does not over heat. I definitely recommend!