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Baby Miscellaneous Reviews

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Purex Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

169 reviews

I started buying Purex Baby with my first son in 2013, now I am pregnant with #3 and still using it for my little ones. It is so sensitive on their little skin and no breakouts from my first 2. I have always loved the Purex brand, but this is perfect for the little ones in your...
Munchkin Miracle 360* cups

53 reviews

While the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup is not completely spill proof, it is a great product when it comes to teaching kids to sip out of a regular cup. We used these for each of our 5 children, between other sippy cups and regular plastic cups without a lid. We have loved these...
Pampers Baby Wipes

77 reviews

We love this brand of baby wipes and even when we don’t have a baby in diapers we keep Wipes on hand to be able to wipe our children’s fave and hands clean when we are in the go
Dr Seuss The Cat in The Hat

42 reviews

Obviously anything Dr. Seuss related is going to be silly & entertaining to children. Every child should be exposed to Dr. Seuss literature & movies in my opinion.
OxiClean Baby Stain Remover Spray

56 reviews

I can’t believe how fast this stuff works!! I spray it on just before putting my sons clothing in the wash and it starts to lift the stain immediately!! I love the baby formula, works on food, spit up and poop stains!!!
Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack Peach

22 reviews

My nieces both love these! Ive tried them myself and the banana flavoured ones are the best! All the flavours smell and taste wonderful! They melt in your mouth naturally so that its safe for babies and kids.
munchkin 360 sippy cup

22 reviews

My son is just learning to transition from a bottle to a cup and I bought this to try. It's not exactly spill-proof. When thrown it does leak a bit. Not a huge puddle or messed just a few drops. Not a big deal.I was surprised at how fast my son took to drinking from this cup. I...
Baby Brezza Formula Pro

25 reviews

I received this product as a gift and it has made my life so much easier. It took awhile for me to find the right plates so that the formula water ratio was right. There is a book that tells you what size plate to use for different formulas. It is so easy to use once set up. All...
Similac Mom

53 reviews

I subscribe for similac club and got some coupons, from those coupons I purchase these drinks (chocolate flavour) I tried them and fall in love with those. I bought them couple of times they are really good in taste just like milo.
Safety 1st Nail Clippers

29 reviews

I received these as a gift for my baby shower. I use them the first time with no problem. However the second time I use them I ended up cutting a big chunk of skin off of baby's finger. I felt so awful, it bled for what seemed like forever.I don't think I can bring myself to use...
Paw Patrol Bubble Bath

15 reviews

I found that they did not produce alot of bubbles and that the bubbles didn't last long. The kids love that it is paw patrol and they do get a few bubbles to play with.
Baby Alive

21 reviews

I absolutely love this doll! My daughter being a new big sister has a baby to take care of when I take care of her baby brother. I love that she has her own diapers and different accessories.
Hatch Baby Rest

2 reviews

This is one of the best hatching toys we have seen and the kids really enjoys learning and playing with this. We give it a 10 out of 10. We highly recommend this toy to everyone
Hydrasense Baby Nasal Care  easy dose

19 reviews

This is a must in our house with two little ones. During cold seasons and their noses are stuffy this clears them out instantly. It’s gentle on their noses and I see how relieved they are after their noses are rinced out. Price is a bit expensive I feel but the product and use...
Aden and anais muslin blankets

1 review

Aden and Anais swaddling muslin blankets are the best. They are extra large and made with organic cotton. They also come in a variety of prints and different themes. They have been my favourite go to swaddling blankets for my babies. Worth the price.
BIODERMA ABCDerm H2O Micellar Water

7 reviews

Je ne connais pas du tout cet esu pour bébé, mais je suis certaine que je vais vouloir l`essayer. J`adore l`eau micellaire pour moi alors pour mon bébé c`est certain que je vais aimer. Facile à utiliser et bien nettoyer vite fait . produit à découvrir.
Peapod Mats

1 review

As a busy mom of 2 young boys, I was dreading the potty training experience. I heard stories from friends about bed wetting and wet furniture. I was thrilled to discover Peapod Mats! They are so practical and can be used beyond the bed. The mats lay on top of your sheets so if...
Pamper rewards

3 reviews

Have been using pampers rewards for over 3 months now and I'm surprised at how quickly the points have added up! Now I get to choose what prize I would like to redeem the points for. Get free stuff for diapers and wipes that I need to purchase anyways? Works for me!
Tiny Treasures Creations

1 review

I had attended a baby shower in the summer and there was this one baby gift that really stood out on the table, and it had business cards beside it. I hadn’t seen anything like this before, it was a cake, made out of diaper but super fancy and fun with little gifts and stuffed...
DAYU Unique Cool Mist Humidifier

2 reviews

I loved this humidifier from the start, but when I learned that I could use my essential oils with it I fell in love! My kids and I have allergy issues so this has been a life saver!