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Baby Miscellaneous Reviews

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Purex Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

203 reviews

This detergent is amazing. It doesn't irritate my baby and it washes very well. Is a must for my baby's clothes! Always in my household! I have 4 son's and I use this same detergent with all 4. My youngest is 5 months old. With all 4 they had Eczema and this didn't hurt them at...
Munchkin Miracle 360* cups

68 reviews

My little one loves this cup! It is easy to hold, comes in a variety of colours and I love how water doesn't spill out if the cup is dropped or banged by my baby.
Pampers Baby Wipes

92 reviews

I would so recommend pampers Baby wipes for all baby's we have use it on our little girl since she was born we love them they stay wet for a long time and they are not too high at the store I love pampers products and can't wait too try out more stuff In the coming months.
munchkin 360 sippy cup

38 reviews

My kids loved this sippy cup when they were toddlers. It made transition from bottle to sippy cup quite painless. It is virtually impossible to spill due to its smart design.
Dr Seuss The Cat in The Hat

43 reviews

The Cat in the Hat is such a classic book, you can't go wrong with it. I love Dr. Seuss books. It's great at teaching kids to rhyme and is very entertaining. Nice and colorful pages
OxiClean Baby Stain Remover Spray

62 reviews

The first time I used it for my baby’s stained onesies, I didn't know that I should wear a gloves to rub the clothes with the sprayed product, my hand got super dry. On the other hand the product is really effective.
Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack Peach

26 reviews

These puffs smell and taste delicious. Both of our girls have loved them. They are great for little hands to learn to grasp and work on hand eye coordination. Peach flavour is our favourite.
Baby Brezza Formula Pro

30 reviews

We are using the Brezza for our second child right now and have no complaints. It is easy to use, easy to clean and a total lifesaver in the middle of the night when you need a quick bottle! Anyone can use it which makes babysitters/grandparents super easy when you have an...
Similac Mom

57 reviews

Similac momo est la meilleure collation pour les futurs maman et les femmes qui alaite avec ça composition pleine de vitamine il peut même substitué un repas quand j'étais enceinte je portais toujours une bouteille dans mon sac en plus le goût est super.
Safety 1st Nail Clippers

32 reviews

Super happy I was gifted this at my baby shower! They are super compact and super easy to use! My little guys hates getting his nails cut! So I always have to do it when he is sleeping! But these clippers make it super easy and fast!
Paw Patrol Bubble Bath

21 reviews

My kids absolutely love the Paw Patrol bubble bath. It makes so many bubbles without having the use a lot. It smells great! We haven't experience any issues with it causing problems to their skin and both of my kids have sensitive skin! Definitely recommend!

1 review

This is an amazing product. You wouldn't think you need this but there have been times as a new mom where my daughter has had boogers or super waxy ears. And of course she has tiny little passages, so this tool is handy. The loop side is for wet boogies and the scoop side is for...
Dove baby lotion sensitive moisture

2 reviews

My baby has sensitive skin and dove is our go to! She loves it and it calms her down as part of our bedtime routine. Will never use a different lotion :)
Aden and anais muslin blankets

5 reviews

Loved the Aden and Anais muslin cloths. I got a pack of 3, not only are they soft, they are also extremely breathable and versatile.ive used it as a stroller cover, nursing cover, swaddle, burp cloth, light blanket. Would highly recommend it. Plus the designs are really cute.
Aztec forest 3 piece bedding set

1 review

This three piece bedding set is super cute it has various forest animals like foxes, moose and rabbits. Its a grey and white scheme with the animals being black and the quilt being white, for that reason I only use it in the crib. Its soft it fits perfectly and is high quality.
Mama Bear Diaper Pail Refills

1 review

I recently used a diaper genie for the first time and I can say that there doesn’t seem to be any difference between these refills and the ‘official’ other than the savings on buying these. I wouldn’t be shocked if I peeled the label off and saw the official brand name...
Baby Toddler Boys Two Pieces Swimsuit Set Boys Crab Bathing Suit Rash Guards with Hat UPF 50+ FBA

1 review

We spend a lot of time outdoors and at the pool and my child is very fair-skinned and tends to burn easily. I love the fact that I can put this swimsuit on him and he still remain cool while protected from the sun. He looks adorable in the hat! Really should get a pic of it!
BIODERMA ABCDerm H2O Micellar Water

10 reviews

this is an awesome makeup remover, it takes off all my eye makeup without too much effort which is awesome. i would definitely reommended this to anyone
PandaEar silicone CatchBibs 9-72

1 review

These are the best bibs I have ever gotten and honestly, the only ones I'll ever need again. After about 9 months old, switch to these and your life has forever been changed. They are dishwasher safe and catch EVERYTHING! They are widely adjustable and are cute on top of it.
Boon snug spouts

1 review

Great versitile lids. Works with most cups. My baby started using this by hims3lf at 6 months and my 4 year old also uses them so there is not spills.