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Baby Wipes Reviews

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Kirkland Baby Wipes

525 reviews

Recently became a mom to twins, I needed a great wipe that wouldn't break the bank. These wipes are very strong and durable and come with an even better price tag.
Babyganics Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free

342 reviews

We love these wipes, they clean very well and are safe for babies hands and face as well which is great. We use them a lot after mealtimes and when we are out and about. They are never dry, and very soft.
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

364 reviews

Just bought a box of these wipes from Costco! Honestly these wipes are so convenient, the box they come in is easy to open and when you pull out a wipe they don’t rip. The wipe is moist enough to effectively wipe away big messes that happen quite often. They are durable and...
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

230 reviews

It’s kind of funny how I prefer huggies diapers vs pampers diapers. However when it comes to the wipes I prefer pampers sensitive wipes. I love how they’re perfect for sensitive skin. I love pampers wipes!!!
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Wipes

162 reviews

I use These wipes body soap and body lotion on my 2 month old. They smell good it doesn’t leave a rash on my daughter. I was Worried at first to use them in her that she would break out in a rash, but she didn’t. My husband and I use Dove soap so we wanted to get our...
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

75 reviews

We swear by Seventh Generation wipes. We actually swear by a lot of Seventh Generation products but the wiped are by far my favorite of their products. They are wet but not sticky and they don't smell like a lot of other wipes do. I especially love that they are thicker than...
Huggies Baby Wipes

132 reviews

I have been through many brands of wipes. What should take one or two wipes oftentimes takes many more because they are too thin or have no texture and simply dont do a good enough job cleaning up. These wipes are the best of both worlds, both durable and textured to clean the...
Pampers Natural Clean Wipes

97 reviews

Jai 27ans , je ne suis pas maman , mais je suis la plus grande fan de baby wipes et surtout de cette marque incontournable, je les achète en paquet de 3 . Les prix et correct mais souvent en souvent en spécial donc tres apprécié , il sont humidite mais pas mouillé , ainsi...
Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Baby Wipes

104 reviews

These are the only wipes I use for my boys! the are sturdy and don't clump or dissolve when used. My boys have very sensitive skin but they have never had an allergic reaction to these wipes. Would definitely buy over and over.
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes (Travel size - 30 ct)

46 reviews

I have a now almost 11 month old baby boy. We have tried several different brands of wipes, and I really like these ones. They are slightly more on the moist side than is my personal preference, but I love that it is a very natural product and did not bother my baby's very...
Pampers Baby Wipes

102 reviews

As a parent of a child with special needs who is not toilet trained we goes through a lot of wipes I like how they are strong n great quality at a great price
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

58 reviews

Seriously they do! 3 kids later and still my go to wipes and loveeeee the baby fresh scent! Great quality and my family's go to product! Wouldnt go to another brand ever!
Water Wipes

48 reviews

I received a sample of these and was unsure about how well they'd work due to limited ingredients in them. I am so surprised and happy with them! I have very sensitive skin, as does my baby, so I have to be good with using something in order to use it on him. These clean up...
Pampers Wipes Sensitive

40 reviews

I like huggies wipes better. I found that the pampers brand burn when I wipe my bottom with them in comparison. They are not as sensitive as the huggies brand.
Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes

31 reviews

When it comes to wipes, we look for quality and value. A cheap wipe might save you a buck, but your hand might end up covered in poo when the wipe rips! These Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are thick, soft, and durable. They wipe clean and I feel safe using them for everything from...
Huggies Natural Care Baby Plus Wipes

34 reviews

My family and I love this product. From baby bums and faces, it quick clean ups. We always have these wipes on hand for our everyday lifestyle. 10 out of 10
Huggies Simply Clean Wipes

54 reviews

I have mixed reviews for this product I love it but I wish it was more wet but its perfect for the wipe warmer as I then add water but not great if on the good in my opinion

10 reviews

While expense, Water Wipes are the best wipes on the market. They are 99.9% water so it is quite reassuring to know that there are no chemicals or unknown ingredients in these wipes. I use these for both my baby's bum, mouth, hands, etc.
Pampers Pure Wipes

17 reviews

I’m guilty of using a baby wipe or two for a quick wipe of my face either to remove make up or just as a quick refresh. I’ve used many brands over the years include sensitive and these don’t sting at all. They have also been great on our little one as well I’ve used up a...
Mamia baby wipes

8 reviews

They are great, they do exactly what their meant too. They are great on sensitive skin and effective at getting baby clean, whether it be hands, face or bottom.