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Baby Wipes Reviews

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Kirkland Baby Wipes

512 reviews

These have been my go to wipes since having my first baby in 2009. 10 years later and they still are my always go to. Can't beat the quality and definitely cannot beat the price.
Babyganics Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free

341 reviews

We've been using these wiped for 5 years, since our first child was born. They are the only wipes that do not create any redness or rash. I love that I can find them on amazon subscribe and save in bulk. They and gentle, effective, and have no chemical or harsh smell. Great...
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

351 reviews

These wipes are great for sensitive babies. I will always buy them! My little guy is extremely sensitive and these work wonderful for him. I couldn’t be happier with these wipes
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

220 reviews

Pampers sensitive wipes are very good. Personally i refer this for all new moms. Try to stock ip when on sale. This is very upper quality wipe. Very thick and soft for baby bottom also good for hands and face too!!!!
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Wipes

162 reviews

I use These wipes body soap and body lotion on my 2 month old. They smell good it doesn’t leave a rash on my daughter. I was Worried at first to use them in her that she would break out in a rash, but she didn’t. My husband and I use Dove soap so we wanted to get our...
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

73 reviews

I have been trying many different wipes and finally found Seventh Generation free and clear wipes that are perfect. My kids have very sensitive skin and we have had no reactions to the wipes. Which is a life saver. They do not fall apart and have the perfect amount of moisture...
Pampers Natural Clean Wipes

97 reviews

Jai 27ans , je ne suis pas maman , mais je suis la plus grande fan de baby wipes et surtout de cette marque incontournable, je les achète en paquet de 3 . Les prix et correct mais souvent en souvent en spécial donc tres apprécié , il sont humidite mais pas mouillé , ainsi...
Huggies Baby Wipes

129 reviews

They’re not expensive, they work. I just found that they were always dry. Not enough moisture in them to properly remove stuck on poo so you end up rubbing a little bit harder than you should.
Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Baby Wipes

104 reviews

These are the only wipes I use for my boys! the are sturdy and don't clump or dissolve when used. My boys have very sensitive skin but they have never had an allergic reaction to these wipes. Would definitely buy over and over.
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes (Travel size - 30 ct)

46 reviews

I have a now almost 11 month old baby boy. We have tried several different brands of wipes, and I really like these ones. They are slightly more on the moist side than is my personal preference, but I love that it is a very natural product and did not bother my baby's very...
Pampers Baby Wipes

99 reviews

These wipes work great to help with cleaning off the waste. I wasn't sure how he would do with nonsensitive wipes but seems to be no issues they are great and wet enough to grab everything
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

56 reviews

I love these wiped the only kind I buy . Wouldnt trust anything thing else for my baby would recommend these to any one at anytime . Great value and great quality
Water Wipes

45 reviews

Love these baby wipes! They are acent free and super gentle for my little guys sensitive skin. They are even gentle enough for me to use on his face. They are a great thickness making them durable and are effective even on the toughest messes without any strong perfumes or...
Pampers Wipes Sensitive

38 reviews

When my son was a newborn, this is all we would buy. He had such sensitive skin and I didn’t want to irritate it more when it came to wiping. These were a lifesaver at the time. I would highly recommend them.
Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes

28 reviews

The best wipes and the only ones we have found that don’t give our angel I diaper rash!! What a blessing it is to find wipes with no fragrance, or dyes. These wipes get used for everything from cleaning cutie booties to cleaning spills in the car!
Huggies Natural Care Baby Plus Wipes

33 reviews

Purchased a case of these strictly because my usual brand was out of stock and these were on sale and I was pleasantly surprised. They did not dry out as quickly as some other wipes can. They are not full of fragrance/perfume so they did not irritate my sons skin at all. They...
Huggies Simply Clean Wipes

54 reviews

I have mixed reviews for this product I love it but I wish it was more wet but its perfect for the wipe warmer as I then add water but not great if on the good in my opinion
Pampers Pure Wipes

16 reviews

My grandson was born with very sensitive skin just like his Momma. I wish we had had these wipes when she was a baby. We tried several different "sensitive" wipes for him but each one left him with a rash. When we tried these, they worked! We were so happy to finally find a baby...

7 reviews

I received as a free sample to try on my son who is still actively wearing diapers. Honestly, I never heard of this brand before so I was extremely excited to try them based on what the ingredients they contained. So far I’m super impressed. Super moist and soft. The material...
Parents choice cucumber melon wipes

12 reviews

I have used the last 2 kids and they are well worth the money. They smell so good and they clean so good. I wont buy any other brand. you can use them to clean other things than just a baby