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Disney Tinkerbell sipping bottle with snow globe

2 reviews

My oldest is a huge tinkerbell fan, so we got this for her birthday and she loved it! It's absolutely adorable and works great for her.
Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup

8 reviews

Totally waste of money. I wouldn't recommend anyone to waste mont on this piece of gatbage. Many 8 months baby was not able to sip a drop of water from this cup. I tried myself and it took a lot of effort to sip a few drops. Extremely poor design. Highly disappointed. I...
Playtex Nurser Standard Liners

1 review

I picked these up to use with the playtex nurser bottles because of the price, about $6 for 100 liners. seeing as I was going through about 8 liners a day feeding my infant, i thought it was a great deal. You really get what you pay for. These are terrible. It was difficult...
Donald Duck sipping cup

1 review

Has a straw with a cap. Little kids love using this cup when drinking their juice.
Lion King sipping bottle with snow globe

1 review

My nephew loves this cup. Whenever he comes over and he wants something to drink, he'll say " I want the lion cup". Has a straw with a cap. Kids love the snow globe.
nuby baby bottle brush

1 review

I really love this bottle brush. It's got both the big and small side plus the sponge at the the top for more effective cleaning. The price in my opinion could be a little lower but it's not to crazy either.
Lansinoh Momma Bottles

2 reviews

After trying multiple bottles for my breastfed baby, I finally used the lansinoh bottle that came with my manual pump. It was the only bottle he would take. I immediately ordered more bottles for him. These bottles are great. They have a more nipple shaped nipple, which is great...
Avent Glass Bottles 9oz

5 reviews

I kicked my self for not getting theses with my first child. Much easier to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher. Can break but mostly held up to any drops on the floor. The only problem we had was the nipples were to hard and had to use another brand.
Playtex VentAire Advanced Wide Bottles

36 reviews

Excellent!!!! J' ai decouvert ce produit vla 8 ans avec ma premiere ....J'ai 3 enfants et avec les 3 c'est la seule bouteille qui ne leur a pas donné de colique!!! J'en est essayer des bouteilles!!! Mais chacun c'est preference :)
evenflo advanced & wide mouth bottles

2 reviews

I just started to give this bottle to my four months old baby and I realized i should give it before. I like the design of the nipple much more than others. this will suits newborn and they can learn latching from it that I believe. the neck is wide and the nipple is small just...

2 reviews

I started using dr.browns with my preemie in the hospital and continued when we got home as well. They helped reduce colic and reflux. They are more expensive but I would recommend them anyways because of the quality
Tommee Tippee 6-Pack Closer to Nature Bottle Value Pack 9oz

22 reviews

Baby bottles really helped my son in his first year year and this bottle was easy to clean without the inside but it soothed him out. Because my son was very picky with everything
Philips AVENT 4 Ounce Natural Glass Bottle

3 reviews

I so wanted to love these bottles. The nipple shape is great, and they're easy to clean. I love that they are glass instead of plastic, and we found silicone sleeves that fit the bottles. BUT the lids have to be sitting perfectly or else they leak when topped! We've tried all...

2 reviews

I have three children - aged 14, 8 & 2 years. I bottle fed all three children and used Playtex bottles for each of them. Because of the age difference, I've used different models of the bottle with each child. I was very pleased with my experience with my older two children;...
Medela BPA-free bottle

4 reviews

My daughter and I love the Medela bottle. The shape of it encourages my daughter to grab her own bottle while the nipple makes it easier for her to adapt to it. It is the only bottle that she uses without a problem.
Pura Kiki

3 reviews

Weve had this bottle for almost a year now and we love it. It is a tad heavy for wee ones but it keeps the milk or whatever drink in kt cold a long time. I put milk in it at 11pm and still cold at 4am. Which helps when u transition your baby to real milk
Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer

2 reviews

This product is great, it steams the baby's bottles to a perfect temperature. The outside of the botte may seem very hot to the touch but rest assured that the milk inside is only luke warm. It also doesn't take very long either to warm the bottle depending how many Oz's...
Avent 6 Pack of 4 oz. Bottles

17 reviews

These are the only bottles my 4 month old twins will use (and we tried many along the way!). Almost all the babies I know use the Avent bottles so they must be doing something right! Decently priced too.
Avent 9oz PES Bottle w/SlowFlow Nipple (BPA Free)

13 reviews

Loved the bottle! Really easy to clean. My daughter had no issues latching onto the nipple. The slow flow was great for a newborn baby. Would definitely buy it again.
Mam 0 Months Anti-Colic Bottle Boy, 3 Pack, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

16 reviews

My boys both spit up like you wouldn't believe. Nothing worked! We changed bottle after bottle. Until I decided to try these...they aren't to complicated to put together only one replacement piece. Total game changer, no more spit up, no more gas. Happy babies!!