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Infant Formula Reviews

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Nestlé Good Start 1

411 reviews

Nestle Goodstart Formula is our go-to for our daughter. She is mostly breastfed, however we supplement her diet with formula. There are 3 that we use but this is our favourite. My daughter loves it and we find it to be the most like breast milk. A bonus is that there is no foul...
Nestlé® Good Start® Stage 3 Toddler Transition Nutritional Supplement

95 reviews

I was hesitant to transition from goodstart to homo, until i came across transition 3. Tried few days and bam my girl prefered this product over regular milk.
Kirkland Baby Formula

66 reviews

We had gone through literally every single name brand formula on the market for our almost 3 month old, who has a sensitive tummy. We went through many doctors visits and even a couple of midnight visits to the emergency room because her tummy just wouldn’t settle no matter...
Similac Organic A2 Infant Formula

1 review

Our son had a lot of digestive issues as a newborn and once we switched to this formula, he began to act like a new baby! We are really natural-minded, so to find an organic formula made with A2 milk was great. We love that this formula is available in all of our local stores.
Enfamil nutramigen

1 review

Our baby girl had to be put on formula since I wasn’t producing enough. We put her on Enfamil’s gentle ease but this made her incredibly gassy and in so much pain. She cried every night for a week for two straight hours. Our pediatrician recommended switching to nutramigen...
Enfamil A+ Gentle Ease

12 reviews

I've used Enfamil with my first daughter and I'm using it again now with our second girl. I used go use the regular formula with my first but my second girl, Naya, is a lot more sensitive. She was spitting up constantly and would wake up coughing. I switched to gentleease and...
Similac advance step 2

5 reviews

My son will only drink Similac. It is easy on the stomach and he was less gassy and less fussy! He seemed to sleep better at night and was hungry a lot less.
Parent's Choice Omega+ Infant Formula

1 review

This formula is the Walmart generic version of Enfamil A+. My baby transitioned from Enfamil to this with zero troubles at all and this version is so much kinder on the wallet. Formula regulations are super strict in Canada and so there really isnt room for the generic brands to...
Enfamil spit up

2 reviews

I purchased it because my daughter has a severe stomach digestive issues and spit up after every feed this formula my daughters belly is a lot better and she isn’t spitting up
Mamia formula

1 review

Mamia formula has been great to use. Currently weaning my son off formula and on to cows milk. I used mamia stage 1 and mamia stage 2 formula both were great. Easy to use and cheap to buy no more than £7 for 800g. Would definitely use again if I have anymore children

1 review

Although a little more expensive than most it is definately highly rated! I have used three different brands with all three of my kids and aptimal is the only one they didn't throw up

1 review

This product is made for infants who have trouble gaining weight. My son has a rare medical condition which his pancreas is failing so it's hard for him to gain weight. this formula has helped so much to increase his weight. Drs recommendation and I am so thankful for it.
Enfamil Enfacare

2 reviews

My bAby was born premature at 28 weeks. I used this formula for 1 year. It provided him with necessary nutrients and helped to gain weight. It didn’t made my baby gassy as compared to similac neosure and nestle one. My baby loved the taste.
Similac Supplementing Formula

1 review

My daughter was breastfed for a few months until I dried up. This formula is so close to breastmilk it was so easy to introduce her to formula and was so thankful her belly could tolerate it.
Enfamil enspire

1 review

I absolutely loved this formula when I had to supplement my breastfed daughter it was gentle on her stomach and made me feel less guilty when I had to supplement it's a little on the high side but worth every penny
Enfamil NeuroPro formula

1 review

Great product! I breastfeed and supplement and this is so gentle on my little one's tummy. He often has gas, but we noticed a difference right away. Easy to make and about the same price of other comparable formulas.
Enfagrow Toddler Drink

3 reviews

This is a good product to slowly and gradually introduce regular milk to your child. I give my younger one this nutritional drink 3 times a day along with once regular milk a day so as to keep her away from being colic and also adding up the missing nutrients she may not be...
Hipp organic Combiotic first infant milk

1 review

The ready made milk has been a life saver, especially for night feeds and outings. The limitation is the one size option and limited availability. Obviously more exxy than the powder, but as my Bub struggled with the powder it was so much more gentler on her stomach- so saved...
Enfamil toddler drink

1 review

Got a surprise free coupon in the mail, thought id buy it for him to try! My goodness does he ever love it ! Will for sure buy again for my 17 month old son :)
PC Low Iron Infant Formula

4 reviews

This formula is really on of the only ones my twins would drink and not get those really smelly poops. It is low cost, really easy to find in my local grocery store.