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Personalized Labels Reviews

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Mabel's Labels Back-To-School Label Packs

704 reviews

We have been using Mabel’s Labels for the past 4 years. The quality of the labels is top notch. We’ve applied the labels to our kids’ clothes and even after multiple washes the labels remain intact. I love the variety of designs and sizes. Plus they have packages that fit...
Mabel's Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack

216 reviews

I love these labels. They stick well to many different items and are versatile as well. they come in many decisions and are vibrantly colored too. They are price concious and long lasting.
Mabel's Labels

56 reviews

These labels are a must for any parent of a school-age child. They stay on really well and survive the dishwasher, washer and dryer time and time again! The designs are adorable and the price is good (even better when you catch a sale!). I have three kids and always come back to...
Mabel's Labels Baby Label Pack

3 reviews

these are great quality labels. they are durable and stick well even after being washed. multiple times. the colors are extremely vibrant and dont wear off
Mabel's Labels Preschool Shoe labels

3 reviews

These are awesome for teaching your child to put their shoes on the correct feet. All they have to do is match the two sides of the super cute picture their labels make. It’s almost an extra bonus that they are also name labels! Love these!
My label factory

2 reviews

I bought these labels for my toddlers snack containers clothes etc. Things that could possibly get lost. I came across this product because I managed to get ahold of a 20% coupon that came on a box of Nature Valley granola bars for customized labels from The Label Factory with...
Lil lables

1 review

I bought these to lables my sons clothes for school . I followed all the directions, they don't stay in his clothes. They advertise that they will last in the wash . That's completely untrue
Emily Press Reusable Labels

1 review

I liked that these labels were reusable and I could peel off and use on something else. They are water resistant but I would remove before a thorough washing if I was using it on something else. The quality was good and the variety in choices of designs was alright but not as...
Lovable Labels Camp Day Pack

1 review

I know how easily my child loses or misplaces his things, such as clothing, Tupperware dishes, toys, crayons and much more.Children go to Camp, School, Sleepovers, Parks, Daycare etc and each one of those is a chance for something to get lost.. With my little one starting...
Lovable Labels Holly Jolly Pack

2 reviews

These labels are great for labelling all the kids' school stuff, including clothing, shoes, lunch bags, back pack and school supplies. They stick onto fabric well and withstand wear and tear. They have cute designs and I think they're a little cheaper than Mabel's Labels.