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Dial Clean + Gentle Hypoallergenic Foaming Hand Wash-Waterlily- 221ml

This soap has a pleasant sent of Waterlily and non of the harsh chemicals. I feel safe having this Skin Smart soap in my home for my whole family to use.

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

This soap is so rich and creamy when you lather it in your hands, it is a beautiful soap. The different scents are all so nice, so full of flavour(smell) like the real thing! And it lasts a long time, you only need a little bit each wash to create the beautiful lather!

Dial® Clean + Gentle Waterlily Foaming Hand Wash

I received this as a free sample from chick advisor. I loved how sudsy it was and just enough scent not to overpowering. Made my hands clean, smelling like spring water lily. Doesn't dry out your hands. Great product and will go out and purchase. Recommended if you want soft...

Domestos bleach

Always on a mission to blast away the germs, I will use this down my plug holes, toilets and drains. Domestos bleach eliminates the nasty bacteria that lead to bad smells and ensures a clean, sanitary environment.

Live Clean Fresh Water Liquid Hand Soap

I love this live clean soap! My son has super sensitive skin and this is a great soap for him! No harsh chemicals and has a great smell!! The price is amazing for the size and quality!