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Lifebuoy hygiene hand wash

It gently cleans my hands without leaving them dry. It has a nice light scent and lather really good. Perfect to have on hand in these pandemic times.

marcel lingette demaquillante

these wipes are nice and refreshning for face. these are very helpful if you travel a lot. especially during these hard times, they are really helpful to keep your face and hands clean.

Sephora face mask

Okay! This is literally one of the most amazing face masks i have ever used. it made my skin so glowing and refreshing. This masks leaves your skin smooth. You should probably try it.

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath

Although a bit pricier than other bubble bath brands, the quality of the product makes it worth it! It is lightly scented and works amazing at calming down my dry itchy skin that I experience every winter. All Dr.Teals products that I have tried have been amazing but this is one...

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

I wish I had a retail store closer to me, but usually stock up and buy online. I have three “stations” in my home that are never without bath and body works hand soaps at them! Now more so than ever, I appreciate and love the antibacterial ones. I also love being able to...