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Bathroom Cleaning Products Reviews

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Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer

699 reviews

This is my favourite brand and use it on regular basis. It does live to up to what it's purpose and does the job and leaves good scent. I always stock up on this product when ever its on sale.
Vim Bathroom Spray

540 reviews

I do really like the vim products and the stay does work for certain stuff but I do find the gel or cream more effective if I was comparing the 2. This spray vim does still work very well throu
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner

396 reviews

This cleansing mousse is amazing!! I use it to wash my bath and shower and it works really great! Plus it smells good and leaves the bathroom smelling fresh abd cleaned!
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Action Gel

172 reviews

One of my favourite cleaning product for the toilet. it cleans great and and the nozzle helps to get the liquid just where it should be. I do recommend the product no doubt..
Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray

139 reviews

It takes a while for me to go out of my comfort zone and try a new product for my bathroom but I am glad I took the chance on this one! I love this product. It is great for all components in the bathroom: the sinks, toilets, tub, shower and fixtures cleaning everything and...
Air Wick V.I.Poo Lemon Idol

120 reviews

I didn’t think this stuff would actually work but to my surprise it worked and smells amazing! I love anything lemon scented so I had to buy it! I always leave it out for guests as well you know just in case they have to go poo!
Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Cleaner

82 reviews

Lysol is a name and product that I can trust. This toilet bowl cleaner not only has a clean scent; but I rely on the power of killing germs and viruses.
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Complete Clean

57 reviews

I like to use this bowl cleaner because it leaves a nice scent in the bathroom, really cleans the toilet, gets ride of the mold around the bowl, I simply use 2 times a week and I don't have any concerns about cleaning my toilet.
Just A Drop Personal Bathroom Odor Eliminator

32 reviews

I love this product. I actually bought the 3 pack which included the tiny one which I carry in my purse. I used it everyday and carry it in my purse. Does what it claims, 100%
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner - Disinfects with Bleach

18 reviews

This is my go to for any surface needing bleach. In a convenient spray bottle and works great for showers, sinks and my secret weapon for windowsills! I had problems with the sprayer breaking on a few bottles which is strange, but I will still buy it over and over.
Mr.Clean with gain

1 review

I started using this at summer camp cleaning up after tons of children, I love it so much I brought the product into my own house and it's the best cleaner I've used in a long time, it disinfects, keep the bathroom smelling fresh, works for cleaning cat litters, dog mess areas...
Vim cleaning bleach in lemon scent

8 reviews

I use Vim to clean my bathroom daily. It is very easy to use. It cleans the soap scum off of the tub very easily. For daily cleaning of the bathroom I highly recommend this product
Wilko ECO Bathroom Cleaner

1 review

After the come down of their polish wipes, Wilko’s range of environmentally considerate cleaning products aren’t such a disappointment. Spray bottles of Bathroom Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner and Multi Surface Cleaner cost £1 while tablets for dishwashers cost £3.50, so...
Kaboom bathroom cleaner

3 reviews

Kaboom is the only bathroom cleaner I will ever use!!! You spray it and purple foam comes out and when it is finished cleaning, it turns white. It works really fast and does an excellent job!!!!!!!
Febreeze air limited edition

2 reviews

I have the fresh twist cranberry, and it is amazing. It is such a wonderful scent. I use it in my home and car, and anyone who comes in, wants it. They fall in love with it immediately.

1 review

I purchased the TubShroom on Amazon because my previous tub stopper for hair wasn't working well. I heard great reviews about the TubShroom so I bought it for my bathtub. It's not expensive on Amazon and the value for the product outweighs the quality it provides. The material...
Lisol deep foum clean

1 review

I bought the new Lisol deep foum cleaner and i sprayed it on my bathroom tub walls and inside the tub and it deep cleaned and got up soap scum and left my bathroom clean and smelling good. I would be buying this product all the time.
Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles with Bleach

5 reviews

I found this product and all fantastic products work excellent, but found the bleach smell in this a bit over powering. I am going back to the regular one cause I still love this product and how it seems to eat the dirt.
The Works tub cleaner

1 review

I have well water at my house and although we have a softner it will still leave faint rust stains. I spray the works tub cleaner on it and it disappears before your eyes. Pair it with magic erase and you're golden! And it's cheap!
LIme-A-Way Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1 review

This is the only thing that will remove hard water stains from my toilet bow. It has a nice clean scent that really cleans the bowl well. No harsh chemicals.