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Facial Tissue Reviews

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Skin republic collagen hydrogel face mask

1 review

I Used my Favourite COLLAGEN HYDROGEL FACE MASK , Super-hydrating Hydrogel serum sheet mask instantly reveals a radiant, glowing complexion. Nutrient packed Sea Minerals nourish and hydrate. Collagen and Argan Oil help reduce the visible signs of aging. Skin appears smooth...
St Ives face mask

1 review

Me time is a must for me to pamper my self , 100% cotton mask which is soft n gentle on the skin, apricot glowing mask is a instant freshness to the face , value for money & love it ,#facemask #cottonfacemask
Tarte foundation

1 review

Such a nice, smooth foundation. Covers fully even without their complimenting concealer! It’s so thick but breathable and lasts all day long. The only other foundation I’ll use is juvias place.
L'Oreal 48 Hour Ideal Moisture Day Lotion for Normal Skin w/SPF 25

1 review

Love this. I have mix skin, and this keeps my skin moisturized, glowy and radiant all day! I have used this even as a primer for my makeup routine, and surprisingly it has held up really well without making my foundation look greasy.
Scotties Premium 2 Ply Facial Tissue

1 review

What a great tissue. It's durable and so soft. Doesn't cause any redness and holds up well. Definitely my only go to tissue now. It's also a proud supporter of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Great cause and an excellent tissue.
Tempo Tissues

1 review

I always buy Tempo tissues (generally only available on the internet these days) as they're strong and don't fall apart and shred like many other brands. I suffer from a lot of allergies so it's great to have something that won't disintegrate quickly. They're nice and soft on...
Sephora face mask

2 reviews

Okay! This is literally one of the most amazing face masks i have ever used. it made my skin so glowing and refreshing. This masks leaves your skin smooth. You should probably try it.
Kleenex Aromatic Therapy Tissue

1 review

These have been a huge hit with the kids in the car. They fit right into cup holders, look cool, and have super soft tissues! The teenagers in carpool think it is the best invention by Kleenex so far! Love these tissues ! They are the best! They are soft and thick , they are...
Angle tuiss

1 review

The best tuiss an long lasting tuiss every always buy 2 at a time my family loves Angle soft tuiss the best product ever this will always be number one in my book 👌
Kleenex Trusted Care

3 reviews

This is my favourite go to facial tissues as I love how soft they are and not scratchy to use on my children’s delicate faces, especially during cold and flu season!
Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissue

3 reviews

I love how ALL Kleenex products are cost-effective choices for a healthier lifestyle for all the ages of my family members. I admire how environmentally friendly and/or biodegradable these Kleenex tissues are and how they are also free from harsh chemicals that would be...
Kleenex Ultra Soft

59 reviews

These tissues are really great and save my and my family's noses when we have to blow them constantly. These were hard to find during the COVID lockdown and you really appreciate the product when you have to use another brand. Can't say enough about the ultra soft Kleenex...
northern quilted plush

1 review

We have been using this toilet paper for a while now. It is strong but also soft and does not leave lint behind on your skin. Price is higher now though.
Kleenex Holiday Tissue Boxes

7 reviews

Kleenex brand tissues are always top quality, they always limit redness around my nose. These holiday boxes are so cute. I love the small size, they take up such less room on tables and in my small powder room. The box itself is very sturdy, I've actually refilled it with my...
Kleenex Facial Tissue With Lotion

139 reviews

I've tried these with the lotion and when you have sore nose they are just wonderful and soothing as well. If you like those with the lotion then you've got to try the kleenex with the vicks as well soft on the nose and clears up the stuffyness at the same time.
Puffs with vicks

10 reviews

Like the kleenex with vicks puffs are another tissues that my family likes to use when they are stuffed up and need a little help to breath. So don't be shy give this tissue a try you and your nose will thank you for it over and over
Scotties Original 2 Ply Facial Tissue

50 reviews

The quality of the tissues is really good. Soft material. You can use it to clean your face too and for kids too. I love these tissues. This is worth it.
Scotties Supreme 3 Ply Facial Tissue

32 reviews

Great tissue to be honest, but definitely not my favourite. I would be happier if Scotties started putting lotion or vicks in their tissue like other brands do. My nose appreciates those little details!
Kleenex Cool Touch

31 reviews

I am prone to sinus infections and I have seasonal allergies. I decided to give these tissues a try as the others I’ve tried have not been as gentle on my sensitive nose as I would like. These tissues are gentle, so there is no more pain from my seasonal nonstop usage of...
Frbreze fresh pressed apple

1 review

Nice and fresh scent with aromatic fragrance that fills the air with a welcoming and caring ambiance anytime to enjoy and share. We enjoy this nice product for entertaining or just a nice casual evening with loved ones. Very affordable and we'll worth the price and more! Highly...