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Hand Sanitizer Reviews

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Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

1088 reviews

School aged kids received these from the teachers, they worked for them however highly fragranced. Do not recommend for anyone sensitive to scents, as the scent remains on the hands for quite some time even after washing with soap and water. Just be mindful of that when around...
Bath & Body Works Sanitizing Hand Gel

220 reviews

These darlings are with me everyday. I used to use them at first to mask the tobacco smell on my hands, but since COVID I am super glad to have them around. I have one always attached to my handbag. The only problem is how to choose your favourite scent!
Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer with Aloe

129 reviews

When it comes to preventing the spread of germs, nothing beats soap and water. But if handwashing isn’t an option, the next best thing is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Purell a top pick for hospitals and doctor’s offices, and it contains more ethyl alcohol than...
PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer NATURALS

46 reviews

I like this Purell Hand Sanitizer. It's really moisturizing and I like how natural it is. I've been looking for a hand sanitizer that doesn't smell too strong and this was it. I highly recommend this hand sanitizer!
Garnier Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer

24 reviews

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer by Garnier This sanitizer is quite nice! It’s contains glycerin so it’s easy on the skin but also has 65% alcohol so it kills harmful bacteria and germs. It’s nice to have another option other than gel sanitizer. Not only is it super easy to...
Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel

65 reviews

This is a wonderful hand sanitizer. It is the only one I use on my family. It is very effective, and it leaves your hands feeling clean and dry (unlike some other products).
STERiZAR® Bactericidal Hand Sanitizer Mist

1 review

Superb product and upto its mark. This is one of the best sanitizer when it comes to safety. It is in liquid form which is more important as it blends well and does not leave any sticky feeling on your hands after applying.
Bath and body works hand sanitiser

2 reviews

I love the bath and body works hand sanitisers and the pocket bacs. Great product works great lovely smelling. Leave hands clean and non sticky. Love the range of scents they do as well. Recommend 100%
Dove hand

1 review

This hand sanitizer is just the best! Most hand sanitizer contains alcohol which dries up our hands. This hand sanitizer that Dove created is just simply amazing! Love, love, love it! It moisturizes the hands pretty well and the smells is good. Even my girls enjoy hand...
Hello Bello hand sanitizer

2 reviews

We love this hand sanitizer. I keep one in the car, one in the diaper bag, and one in my purse. Perfect for grabbing quickly and keeping hands germ free!
Warm vanilla sugar hand sanitizer

1 review

I cant recall when it was I received this gift from bath and body works but I have been in love with it ever since. The sanitizer itself is none drying, meaning my hands arent crusty and white cast after putting it in. The scent is really strong but its pleasant, I would...
One Step Live Clean Hand Sanitizer

3 reviews

In these days of having to use hand sanitizer so frequently, I have come to love and rely on my live clean hand sanitizer. I love that it evaporates nicely and doesn’t leave any stickiness or greasiness on my hands. Also it is a great value for money. Costco almost always has...
STERiZAR® Hard Surface Cleaner Sanitizer 1000ml

1 review

This product is the best in terms of Hand sanitiser surface category. Easy to use and lasts for a longer duration. I strongly recommend other buyers to order this product in twin pack, that would save time. I have ordered this product twice and will order again. A big “Thank...
HAAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer - Citrus Noon

1 review

This sanitiser came in a beauty subscription box and it has been super useful when I’m out and about. I just chuck it in my handbag and quickly spray my hands before entering shops instead of using the often strong smelling or sticky ones provided. This sanitiser isn’t...
Bath and Body Works Pocketbac

1 review

Hopefully by now we should all be expert hand washers and know proper hand sanitization routines. These make a great addition to your regimen! They come in convenient mini sizes in addition to the full size versions. They come in a variety of scents and even the regular...
Guard hand sanitizer

1 review

I have a hard time with some of the scents of the stores hand sanitizers they make me feel sick after smelling them so finding a great one was necessary I found the brand guard and it smells like alcohol that's it I love it and has vitamin e
Bath & body works anti-bacterial hand spray

1 review

So this little spray bottle caught my eye, not only is it a anti-bacterial hand spray but the smell is amazing and I rather have this spray over the little hand sanitizer they sale I love them but they get lost quickly since they are so small. This spray also doesn’t leave...
STERiZAR® Foam Hand Sanitizer 600ml

1 review

Best sanitizer in the market, recommended and used by medical professionals. As compare to another sanitizer, its better its gives chilling sensation while rubbing in plam. Products is very good.
Maxill Kwiky Hand Sanitizer Gel

1 review

This hand Sanitizer has been the best we have found so far, and we have tried many. The low scent, fresh feel and just the perfect consistency where it smooths across the skin but is not too runny. We recommend this hand Sanitizer
SOPURE skin cleanser

1 review

I received this hand santizer as a gift from a friend and I love it.It is good for the germs when you are out shopping or anytime that you want your hands to feel clean. It is Lavender but the alcohol strength does not really let you smell the Lavender but it is a good product.