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Hand Wash & Soap Reviews

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Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap

2241 reviews

I always buy bath and body works. Not only do they have good prices, especially when they have sales, but they smell amazing too. The antibacterial hand soap is great especially with kids, a litle goes a long way. Highly recommend trying this product! You will go back for more!
Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System

233 reviews

The soap is ok and the dispenser is convenient, so you would think. It has emptied because the sensor was activated and I had soap everywhere. I liked it better in the kitchen than bathroom. I find the refills very expensive and I likely will not continue to buy.
SoftSoap Antibacterial Hand Soap

116 reviews

I have been using soft soaps since I decided to cut costs on small household items. I am extremely happy with my choice. My hands are clean, they arent incredibly dry after and I'm saving money!
Dove body wash

52 reviews

Love everything about this body wash. Doesnt dry out my skin or leave it irritated like some washes do. Smells beautiful; very light and fresh. Leaves my skin super soft all day.
Live Clean Fresh Water Liquid Hand Soap

89 reviews

I love this hand soap. It lasts long enough for you to replace it every few weeks, it is gentle in all kind of skin types and the best thing is that is hypoallergenic. I like the smell and leaves your skin smelling and felling good.
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Aquarium Fresh

62 reviews

C'est un petit savon à main bien pratique et pas cher du tout. Il savonne bien et fait bien l'affaire, il ne déshydrate pas trop les mains. Il a une odeur que j'aime bien.
Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap

49 reviews

I love the smells. I love the seasonal packaging and scents to go with. They price is right and the soap doesn’t dry out or irritate even my sensitive skin. You don’t even need a full pump because this lathers so well. My favourite foaming hand soap by far.
Softsoap Rich Shea Butter Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

37 reviews

I am huge fan of the Softsoap brand handsoaps. They work really well and this scent in particular (shea butter) smells amazing. They are also super affordable which is also a nice bonus.
Live Clean Sweet Pea Liquid Hand Soap

39 reviews

I absolutely love all of the Live Clean hand soap line smells!! Each one has it's own uniqueness but I have to say that sweet pea is my favourite! We always put one in the bathroom at work, i love walking in there after someone has used it!
Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Soap

35 reviews

J'ai découvert la gamme de savon pour les mains de bath and body works, mais j'ai particulièrement aimé cette senteur! Un parfum de fraîcheur et une sensation de peau douche pour ce savon. À essayer!
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

44 reviews

I can't really say enough about the soap. I have been an avid buyer of soap and they come out with so many great scents. I love when they have great sales on it I stock up.
Dial Coconut Water and Mango Hand Soap

32 reviews

Un savon que j’adore vu que la senteur est très agréable. De plus , le savon mousse bien et lave très bien les salissures. Finalement, il laisse les mains très douces et ne les assèchent pas ce qui est un très grand point positif vu le nombre de fois qu’on se lave les...
Method Hand Soap

18 reviews

Gently and easy to use for the whole family, specially little hands. I bought the bottle and also the pouch to refill it and it was good for up to 2 refills.
Secret 24 hr control

18 reviews

I was becoming impatient after trying many deodorants and antiperspirants. Gels, solids, sprays - nothing was helping me with my overactive sweat glands after my hysterectomy (instant menopause). I took a chance on this from a friend’s recommendation. Secret 24 hour works...
Love beauty and planet

9 reviews

I bought this because its mark down in shoppers the other day. And surprisingly Im impressed. I love the scent and I can really feel my hair become smooth and smells good. I would love to try more of this. Hopefully, I can find another mark down. Its a bit pricy thou
SoftSoap Juicy Melon and Crisp Cucumber Hand Soap

38 reviews

This is an average soap that is average quality. It is generally cost efficient and does have many great scents, however it always dries my hands out. I would choose this product last .
Dove Instant Foaming Body Wash

7 reviews

I am keeping this all to myself in my get ready bathroom so my boyfriend doesnt use it up! I love foam hand soaps and this one not only smells amazing it is very gentle and foams/lathers up great! It leaves my hands feeling squeaky clean with a beautiful scent! Love it!
Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

34 reviews

I love this liquid hand soap! First of all the smell is amazing and really filled the room. Secondly, it actually didn't dry out my hands like other brands!
Pantene Pro V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo

5 reviews

We buy ours at Costco so we get a good value on it it lasts or family of six a little over a month and all of us girls have long hair. Leaves her hair silky moisturized and smelling good
Pears Transparent Original Soap

6 reviews

I’ve struggled with skin sensitivity for years. I’ve tried numerous soaps, body washes and cleansers but nothing that did not irritate my skin or cleared my blemishes up completely. I’ve used one bar of pears soap and the difference in my skin is incredible. I feel clean...