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Dairy Queen Chocolate chip Cookie Dough Blizzard

This ice cream treat is my go to when I'm craving a cookie, chocolate or soft serve. Nothing better to beat the heat then this blizzard. This got me through my last trimester and kept hubby safe.

Revive Superfoods Smoothie

I love my Revive smoothies and protein bowls. Have not had a bad one yet. They add vegetables with the fruit. Amazing. I can't wait to try the Acai bowls. I use almond milk to make them smooth. My daughter likes to use apple or orange juice. I love the cups they come in that...

Great Value Ketchup

I have 4 kids and my whole family loves ketchup, we have a tendency to go threw two to three 64oz ketchup bottles a month, the great value brands definitely helps save a little money when comparing the cost of a name brand ketchup, great value ketchup has the same great taste as...

Mc donalds mc flurries

i really enjoy this treat its a very small cost but tastes amazing i love the oreo Mc flurry its the perfect amount of chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream would 100% recommend!

olive garden salad dressing

It’s a true Italian dressing. I love the taste and flavor of it. It makes the salad taste so much better. I always order salad at Olive Garden so that I can devour the dressing.