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love good fats snack bar - lemon mousse flavour

I have tried other love good fats bars but none of them can come close to this flavour! It is rich in lemony flavour and doesn't have the chalky texture that some other low carb bars have. It is scrumptious!

Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

Love this product . Tasty, delicious and worth trying.This product is different than other protein product . I simply love this . You should give it a try .

Canada Dry  Ginger Ale is so good! Just a little cranberry flavour! It is the only pop we buy this time of year! Between Thanksgiving innearly October through the Christmas  season! Stock up before it is gone!

Délicieux! Ma famille adore cette nouvelle saveur 😁 pour ceux qui aiment moins le Ginger ale cette nouvelle saveur est très apprécié chez moi . Depuis qu'on la tester , nous en achetons fréquemment.

retro pepsi

I always prefer coke over pepsi now a days but 30 years ago pepsi always tasted better because they use real sugar. The pepsi from today does not. the retro pepsi that is only a limited time is the same as 30 years ago and tastes great!!

Nutella Hazelnut Spread

Want a late night snack or a chocolaty breakfast well here is the key. Such a great taste very easy to spread and fills you right up. Highly recommended this for the hazel nut lovers