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Kettle Brand Jalepeño Chips

When I bought it for first time it was good, I thought it's a good replacement for Ms. Vickie's. But after my second and third purchase I was quite disappointed with the quality of the product. The chips were rancid and quite old. I am quite disappointed that I am spending...

VOSS Artesian Spring Water

Since taking up healthier habits, like limiting caffiene in the evening, I've been drinking more bottled water. VOSS has to be one of the most refreshing bottled waters. There's no hardness to this water and it's an ambient feeling to drink it's not a sharp feeling and doesn't...

Ferrero rocher dark chocolate bar

I love the original truffles and I love that they’ve now made them into chocolate bars! They do come in a variety of flavours but I recently tried the dark chocolate. It’s a smooth chocolate taste and very rich in flavor. There’s a crunchy outside coating and a silky and...

Revive Superfoods Smoothie

I loved the colors and packaging of the smooties. Flavors are yummy and portion is enough for a meal. I'm super excited to try all the other flavors I got!

President's Choice Feeling Calm Camomile Citrus Herbal Tea

I have insomnia and have a hard time getting to sleep. Been drinking this calming tea for the past 5 nights and have fallen asleep easily and slept for 4 hours straight. Love the spearmint aroma and smooth taste.