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Chips ahoy chewy tenders caramilk

They’re delicious! Great to have with a warm cup of tea in the morning or evening. I love that they’re soft and chewy. You can also have them as a mini snack.

Lays Poppables Sea Salt

Oh my goodness, I just can not get enough of these. Such a tasty snack. More than once I've finished off a whole bag without realizing it. They are just so good!

Farmers market apple pie

We have bought these pies for years and they used to be very good, but lately the quality of the pies have definitely regressed. The crust is awful it’s soggy and they cut down on the fillings that they put in their pies. They don’t make them the same way they used too and...

Nutella Hazelnut Spread

One of my favourite spreads and I am brand loyal for the flavour. I haven’t found another version that tastes as good as the Nutella brand. Although the price isn’t my favourite I still go back to buy it when I’m out.

Coffee Mate Hazelnut liquid coffee creamer

I am not a coffee lover but with coffee mate I learn to love the taste. Also I am lactose intolerant so it’s perfect to flavour my morning drink. I tried vanilla, hazelnut and caramel and love them all.