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Dempster's Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

I've had other raisin bagels but I love the fact that Demptser's Bahria have that cinnamon in it. Which I find it's not over powering. I love them and will keep getting them

Breyers Creamery Style French Vanilla

C'est la crème glacée à la vanille que je choisis toujours. Elle est délicieuse. On peut la servir de tant de façons que c'est quelque chose qu'il faudrait toujours avoir à portée de la main!

Cherry Coke Zero

I loved the taste of the product. It was refreshing and bubbly. The smell had a very cherry sent. The price was right and I'm definetly going to buy it again.

Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee

The coffee grounds smelt great, tasted great and left a love aroma in my house. On my tired days, it perked me up to where I could do things. I will definetly be making this my regular coffee.

breyers Caramilk

Our family loves the caramel flavour of almost everything. We love this ice cream as a treat because it tastes so good, but is super sweet. The flavour is rich, bit very enjoyable.