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Maxwell House Breakfast Blend K-Cups

I have a Keurig and when I don't feel like brewing a full pot and waiting I use the pods. I love the aroma while it is brewing. The taste is also good and it is very easy to use. I find they are my go to when I need to stock back up on them. If you have a Keurig I do...

PC Cheddar Smokies

If you never tried Smokies before then you're in for a treat. It's like a hot dog and sausage had a cheese filled baby. They are great over an open fire while in the back yard or camping. Or even just fry them up in the kitchen. If you don't mind a little spice then go ahead and...

Cadbury Mini Eggs

I take a bite of these and I just can't stop!!! The milk chocolate is rich and smooth. I love that there are different varies of sizing so that depending on my mood i can get a snack size or family size!

Ferrero Rocher

I can say it is one of my favorite chocolates. The perfect combination of textures, and flavor make it a good option to eat after lunch. The package make a good option for a gift.

Triscuit Avocado, Cilantro and Lime

If you like Triscuit crackers you will no doubt enjoy Triscuits Avocado, Cilantro and Lime flavor. I like it best with plain cream cheese since the added flavors are already in the cracker. I feel the individual flavors could be a bit stronger and distinct with less salt...