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Bagels, Buns, & Grains Reviews

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Dempster's 10" Whole Wheat Tortillas

71 reviews

I also use them filled with a cream cheese based filler and rolled up then sliced for a fast easy appetizer There are never any left overs and the crowd is always pleased I also make plenty for the kids with banana and peanut butter they love these and they are perfect for...
Dempster's Original Bagels

68 reviews

I recently received a sample of Dempster's Original Bagels for free in exchange for an honest review. Both my husband and I often purchase bagels and really enjoyed these ones. They made an excellent snack when toasted and enjoyed with some peanut butter and they were a great...
Dempster's Sesame Bagels

25 reviews

Ces pains bagels sont de qualité. J'aime beaucoup ces pains, particulièrement avec le sésame qui rajoute un côté un peu croquant et qui apporte un élément nourissant. J'aime bien déjeuner ces pain, ce n'est pas long à cuire et délicieux avec du fromage philadelphia...
Dempster's Originals Plain Hamburger Buns

23 reviews

I love theses buns. If you don’t get to cook the burgers the day you wanted, the buns stay fresh for a long time. The package size is perfect, but even with the leftover buns, you can make a sandwich a couple days later or sloppy joes.
Dempster’s 7" Original Tortillas

22 reviews

I received a free product coupon for Dempster's 7" Original Tortillas in exchange for my honest review. My family loves these tortillas! They are the perfect size to use for soft tacos, kid sized fajitas, quesadillas and sandwich wraps for the kids. The tortillas are soft, but...
Dempster's Deluxe The Classic Burger Buns

19 reviews

These buns were so great! Truly the perfect burger was achieved using this bun! I will never use anything but these from now on! I was able to try these for free and I am just so happy!
Dempster’s 10" Original Tortillas

18 reviews

Talk about a tortilla! These are my fave for wraps and quesadillas. The taste is truly relish, and the texture is great. The value of these rounds is very fair for the quality you receive compared to a generic tort brand. *I received this package for free
Dempster's Maple French Toast Flavour Bagels

46 reviews

The Maple French Toast Dempster's Bagels are my new favourite! They taste absolutely incredible and remind me of a delicious stack of French toast! They have the authentic cinnamon flavour in them and pair well with butter and syrup, plain butter, peanut butter or cream cheese!...
Dempster's 7" Whole Wheat Tortillas

16 reviews

I got this DEMPSTER'S 7" WHOLE WHEAT TORTILLAS as a #FreeProduct. I ate it with my family along with salsa, cheese, and beef with chilly. It was a delicious meal!
Dempster's 12 Grain Bagels

31 reviews

Toast this bagel and add a little butter or honey and you are ready for a real treat. Lots of quality seeds, like flax, and great taste all on it's own.
Dempster's Everything Bagels

30 reviews

This is our go-to bagel. We often buy this with the herb and garlic philly cream cheese for a quick breakfast. Also good for making sandwiches for kids lunches for school.
Dempster’s Original English Muffins

15 reviews

It was nice toasted with butter melted, an egg and some turkey bacon on top. English muffins tend to get kind of stiff when toasted, so it would not be my first choice but I did enjoy trying the product - especially for free.
Costco Brioche Buns

2 reviews

I love brioche, and this ones from Costco they are amazing! Not too sweet and not too big just perfect when you are craving something sweet and you grab one and spread a little Nutella inside it’s just perfect!
Tim Horton Cream cheese Bagel

1 review

This is the best bagel I have ever had. It is toasted to perfection and tastes amazing. I love the texture of the bagel, it is crispy and fresh. This is my favourite item at Timmies.
Dempster's Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

50 reviews

These bagels are so good, my whole family loves them, toasted with butter, all melted! I will buy these again and again and will recommend to family and friends.
Tim Horton's Plain Croissant

1 review

This croissant tasted nice. So soft, fluffy and deliciously buttery. It is a good size and it is quite filling. I like eating these for breakfast, it is addicting.
Pain Première Moisson du Costco

1 review

J'ai adopté ce pain, vendu en paquet de 2. J'en congèle un dans le double sac et il reste frais et sans arrière goût de décongélation. Ce pain Première Moisson, est délicieux et santé
Dave's Killer Bread Raisin the Roof

2 reviews

Bread is a must around our home and we recently have become huge fans of Dave’s killer bread! Our newest favorite is raisin the roof! It’s definitely a Must try!
Villaggio Toscana Extra Soft Sausage Buns

23 reviews

We don't eat sausages or hot dogs for that matter often in our house - not for any reason, I guess we just never thing to have that as a meal. I purchased the VILLAGGIO TOSCANA EXTRA SOFT SAUSAGE BUNS to go with some regular hot dogs - nothing fancy as I have a 2.5 yo. We...
McDonald's Bacon McDouble

9 reviews

The McDouble is the most balanced version with enough beef to match up against with the bun and condiments with a slice of cheese to keep it interesting without being overbearing.