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Baked Goods Reviews

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Vachon Granny's Butter And Raisins Tarts

16 reviews

The pastry is light and not overwhelming. They are not overly sweet which I liked very much but would have preferred more "butter" flavour to the butter tart. Not bad for a store bought pastry at all! I do think that 2 tarts per package is a bit much, but some might insist...
Walmart Bakery Cheesecake

15 reviews

Its lite not to sweet good snack.it calms your sweet tooth good. Its a taste like no other around i love it and i would most definitely reccomend it to family or friends mmmmmmmm
Vachon 1/2 Jos Louis Cakes

31 reviews

They’re not very good. I had my first one the other day for the first time in years. I find them pretty dry and the shell is strange to me. Like there’s a plastic element to it. Not something I would buy again.
Vachon Passion Flakie Caramel Flaky Pastries

17 reviews

They are SO GOOD. The caramel was a little oily but I have a feeling that is because they sit at room temp. If you put them in the fridge they are amazing with vanilla icecream!!!
Vachon Maple Log Sponge Cakes

13 reviews

Les petits gâteaux Vachon maple log cake sont délicieux, le bon goût de coconut sait exquis. Nous en mangeons souvent. Sa me prend toujours un bon désert après mon repas.
Vachon Passion Flakie Apple Raspberry Flaky Pastries

21 reviews

This is one of our favorite treats. It has light and airy flaky layers with just the right amount of berries and creamy flavor. This is one snack that is commonly packed with school and work lunches. It doesn't taste over processed like most snack cakes. I received this free to...
Vachon Jos Louis Peanut Butter Cake Bars

18 reviews

I tried this product and was quite surprised. I bought the original flavor all the time,but now I will definitely be buying this one. Chocolate and peanut butter is always a good combo
Hostess Rich Chocolate Cupcakes

24 reviews

we received a coupon and got these for free. These are so yummy and the kids love them for a snack and for their lunch . They are also individually packaged so they are great school snacks.
Vachon The Original Brownies

25 reviews

My mom used to pack these for me when I was in elementary school! Opening the box and taking the first bite was so nastolgic! I love how moist and chewy these are! It is the perfect little indulgence!
Betty Crocker Bisquick Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

2 reviews

Bisquick buttermilk biscuit mix are wonderful. They are very easy to make as they have very clear instructions displayed on the package. The biscuits made from this mix are of perfect crunchiness and softness. I love it and definitely recommend it.
Martha White Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix

1 review

This mix is the only one on the market that I have found that will not stick trying to get them out of their muffin cups. The mix is versatile and can be used in other recipes I have found on their website. Tastes great, and my family loves these muffins. I would most definitely...
Aldi Raspberry Eton Mess Shortcakes

1 review

Crumbly shortbread, a layer of jam and then a topping of sweet yoghurt. Drizzled with white chocolate, freeze dried raspberries and meringue pieces. Sold in a pack of 5. 207 calories each. Vegetarian. See if you can eat just one!
Hostess Rainbow Chip Brownies

6 reviews

Du plus loin que je me souvienne ma mère ma toujours ramener des brownie avec des pépite arc en ciel ! Mon petit péché mignon que Jai amenée avec moi à l'âge adulte et que je partage maintenant avec ma mini!

1 review

Very delicious if this is freash. Yes I reccomend this . I would request more if I could. Yummy. Thank you mcdonalds I just wish I had more coupons in the mail
Pillsbury place n bake brownies

1 review

The pack could be bigger but perfect size for my family of 3. Tastes great. Size is good. Just the right amount of peanut butter to chocolate. Quick and easy to make.
Otmeal cream pies

3 reviews

I love these, grew up eating these. My kids loves these as and eat them all the time. I love the moist oatmeal cookies and the rich, creamy filling.
Mama Misfit's Cheesecakery

1 review

Mama Misfit's Cheesecakery in Welland,Ontario is just a couple of years old but has already established as top-notch for cheesecakes. Small to large, all are equally delicious. The owner Caitlyn is a sweet young lady entrepreneur who has already become a favourite baker locally.
Talent 2 Design Bakery

1 review

Lisa is the owner of Talent 2 Design bakery in Welland,Ontario and in a short time has established herself as a talented and generous baker of delicious cupcakes and cakes. Her prices are competitive and the frosting designs are unique and lovely. She donates dessert to the...
Publix cakes

8 reviews

Publix cakes is the best cake in the world. I would get my kids birthday cake there. The taste is yummy, the price is worth it We wont eat any other place cake except if i make it. But publix is where its at.
Simple Mills soft chocolate chip cookies

1 review

These gluten free cookies are AMAZING!! They are made with almond and cassava flour. Only drawback is that there are 10 cookies in the package. The price is about $5 and some change. But they are super delicious!