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Candy Reviews

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Maynards Sour Patch Kids

156 reviews

Les bonbons sont vraiment surette et bon! Ce sont mes bonbons preferer et ils goutent vraiment bon. Il en a beaucoup dans l'emballage donc jaime beaucoup
Nestle Smarties Candies

119 reviews

I am not a fan of this candy. I hate the colorful sugary coating covering the chocolate. It taste like food coloring and it's so sweet. Sometimes the coating is so thin it cuts my mouth. Candy shouldn't do that! I have to chew this candy so much to make sure not to swallow a...
Twizzlers nibs cherry

68 reviews

I used to like twizzlers more than nibs. But the last few years nibs are like my drug. Fun to eat. Nice cherry flavour. I just have to make sure I take more insulin!
Jolly Rancher

66 reviews

These last a long time. I love hard candy when I go into a sugar fix. I need to have something on me so if I feel faint I can just get more sugar. They are truly my favorites.
Rocket Candies

82 reviews

I always had a love hate relationship with this candy. I love it because the joke was funny, and though it's sweetness was at my standard... it wasn't satisfying to chew on. The first chew isn't enough. After the first chew it disassembles into powder and then dissolves. Weird...
Kinder Joy™

34 reviews

Love this chocolate, not only does it taste great but it has a prize inside afterwards. Best tasting chocolate around. Rich dark chocolate with white chocolate insideis great.
Wonka Rainbow Nerds

45 reviews

I have eaten Nerds since I was a kid and now I buy them to my kids hahaha. I loved getting that little box, opening the little tab and pouring them into my mouth. They taste so good.
Strawberry Campino's Candies

39 reviews

I like how these candies taste. It kind of tastes like strawberry yogurt, but in a candy form.I also like the other flavours as well, such as the peach flavour. I would buy these again for sure.
Maynards Swedish Berries

50 reviews

Swedish gummy berries are my favourite gummy treat. So yummy, sweet and berry tasting flavour. They can be addicting too. They have been around for a long time and are still just as good.
Werthers Original Butterscotch Candy

35 reviews

This candy has been one of my favorite since I was young a must grab when you are running grocery errands or a snack run I love the toffee and caramel flavor
M &M;Caramel candy

30 reviews

The Carmel is not good. Very disappointed! I expected a creamy rich Carmel. The texture when you chew it throws you off. I really wish the caramel flavor was more pronounced. I threw then away!
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Rolls

40 reviews

this snack is super good there are many different flavours and colours and it is fun to unroll and eat especially for the kids and it is a good choice since it isnt too unhealthy
Tic Tac Fresh Mint

33 reviews

I think there's something addicting about these tic tacs, I can't get enough of them! I probably shouldn't admit that I eat them like candy, (so I don't have to feel bad about eating candy).
Sour keys

20 reviews

Where do i start I love sour keys so much they are so good love the taste of them, love the green and red one's the best I'm sure every one out there has tried a sour key if you haven't your missing out.
Milk Chocolate M & M’s

12 reviews

Not only one of the best-tasting snacks out there, but one of the most convenient. I try to limit my eating to sensible portions and M&M;'s have built-in portion control; it's easy to take just the right amount. Always a welcome treat for family and visitors.
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers

44 reviews

First, I'm writing this review as someone who loved Gushers when I was younger (i.e., 5ish years ago). I hadn't had them since then and tried a pack earlier and was amazing I liked it when I was younger. These are extremely sweet and they don't have too much filling in them...
Caramel M&Ms;

7 reviews

Caramels one of my favorite. So caramel covered in chocolate is even better when you like caramel and chocolate. Buy them usually at bulk barn then you can get what ever amount you want.
Hershey's Gold Caramelized Creme Bar

5 reviews

No matter the size, once I start eating this magical chocolate I cannot stop until it's gone. I am always a sucker for sweet and salty so this definitely satisfies my cravings any time of the month. Could easily get addicted to this particular chocolate.
Smart sweets gummy bears

4 reviews

Smart sweets gummy bears taste amazing and it only has 3 g of sugar per bag. They taste just like a regular Gummy Bear. I wish the bags were a little bigger because I eat them so quickly.
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

3 reviews

I bought these for my kids they loved them they said very sour so there a big hit with the kids they were doing is sour candy challenge had a blast will buy again