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Candy Reviews

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Maynards Sour Patch Kids

159 reviews

Sour patch kids are my favorite sour candy! I love all the different flavors and sizes. I can not go to the pharmacy or dollar tree without picking up a few packs for the family. I love how there sour than sweet and the commercials for this candy crack me up! I would try other...
Nestle Smarties Candies

122 reviews

I love these so much. I have been eating them since childhood and never get tired of these. They taste so dam amazing. I love how they come in every single colour.
Twizzlers nibs cherry

72 reviews

Been getting this for as along I can remember now. I buy it for the kids and husband. Love when they come up with new kinds of flavors and will be getting them till I get old.
Jolly Rancher

70 reviews

These sweets taste so amazing! So much flavour and a great choice of flavours at that. It's a shame we cant purchase them more in the UK. One of my favourite candies.
Rocket Candies

85 reviews

How could one go wrong with grabbing a package of classic Rocket candies for a snack? It's always been my favourite classic candy from when i was younger. Something about the fruity chalkiness of a rocket thats just so tempting.
Kinder Joy™

35 reviews

My daughter is obsessed with these. They are so delicious and a nice little treat once in awhile. I like that they have different theme like Star Wars or Disney princesses so your kid can have something they actually like. Sometimes the little toy isn’t the best quality...
Wonka Rainbow Nerds

47 reviews

This has been an all time favourite candy for my son growing up. He didn’t like chocolate so candies were his go to. We loved putting these on our ice cream and making blizzards.
Werthers Original Butterscotch Candy

40 reviews

J'adore ces petits bonbons durs Ils ne sont pas trop sucré et le goût de caramel y est vrai Une de mes friandises préférées je recommande à tous !
Maynards Swedish Berries

51 reviews

j'adore ces bonbons, même enfants j'en mangeait .. et j'aime aussi le fait qu'il l'offre dans des boites au lieux des sacs pour aider la planète Bravo !!
Strawberry Campino's Candies

39 reviews

I like how these candies taste. It kind of tastes like strawberry yogurt, but in a candy form.I also like the other flavours as well, such as the peach flavour. I would buy these again for sure.
M &M;Caramel candy

31 reviews

These are not what you’d expect from M&Ms;at all!!! I was so disappointed with the caramel in these. I am an absolute lover of M&Ms;and gobble up almost every flavour so this is saying something! These sadly were a miss. Good thing you can always fall back to their...
Tic Tac Fresh Mint

35 reviews

These mints are really good and really is minty and freshens your fresh,but one tiny flaw is after the sugar coating on the outside it sometimes can be too minty for me. But overall a great mint! Would recommend!
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Rolls

41 reviews

Both big and little kids alike love these in our household! They are unchanged from when I was a kid and just as fun for a lunchbox treat now! I catch myself sneaking one when we have picnics just for nostalgia sake. Yum!
Sour keys

21 reviews

Literally love these sweets. I'm a big fan of sour sweets and these are perfect. Some colours are more sour than others. Lots of flavour, good quality and definitely value for money. Yum.
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers

46 reviews

These are just delicious. I feel good giving them to my grandchildren whom absolutely love them. I like that there in individual packages so there’s no fighting with the kids over who got more.
Milk Chocolate M & M’s

13 reviews

My Dad used to buy these for me every time we went to the store while I was growing up. They have always been my favorite candy and they always will be.
REESE Pieces Peanut Butter Bulk Candy, 1.36 Kilogram bag

3 reviews

I love pretty much anything with chocolate and peanut butter. So these hit that spot Everytime. I will always but these to have as a snack. My kids love them as well. If you love that combo of chocolate and peanut butter then you will love these.
Smart sweets gummy bears

5 reviews

Smart sweets gummy bears taste amazing and it only has 3 g of sugar per bag. Once starting the keto diet I was craving sweets these taste just like a regular Gummy Bear. I place in the fridge and devour them. I wish the bags were a little bigger because I eat them so quickly
Caramel M&Ms;

7 reviews

Caramels one of my favorite. So caramel covered in chocolate is even better when you like caramel and chocolate. Buy them usually at bulk barn then you can get what ever amount you want.
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

4 reviews

We live these teolli siur worm gummies always a favorite in our household. Just the right amount of sour and anything gummy is loved by all in our house. Purchase all the time and definitely will continue to purchase.