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Candy Reviews

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Maynards Sour Patch Kids

144 reviews

I just love Sour Patch kids!! always soft and fresh. Id really like it if they wouldn't put as much green kids in the bags though! Not saying the green ones arent good!!
Nestle Smarties Candies

105 reviews

This is a candy that I can eat again and again without tiring. It tastes so good and the chocolate is just so creamy and delicious I can not understand how a person can not like this. This will always remind me of my childhood
Twizzlers nibs cherry

64 reviews

There’s nothing like Twizzlers and I just love nibs! Not only a must have for the movies, they’re great for on the go and portion control. If there is ANYONE who hasn’t tried Nibs yet.....do it, go grab a pack now-you won’t regret it. #yourewelcome
Jolly Rancher

60 reviews

I love all the flavors that come in the jolly rancher bags. My favorite has got to be the blue though! But they all are definitely very tasty! My favorite hard candy!
Rocket Candies

78 reviews

I honestly don’t and never have been a fan of this candy , growing up everyone loved them but me I would throw them in he garbage . I don’t know why it is that I don’t like them so much but yeah I’m not a fan unfortunately
Wonka Rainbow Nerds

42 reviews

Ever since I was a kid, the taste of this candy was always the same. I’ve always liked it and I still do. Everytime I see it in stores I can’t resist but to buy one.
Kinder Joy™

28 reviews

My 4 year old daughter loves these. Every time she goes grocery shopping she wants one. It had a diy toy and candy hazlenut flavor product on one side
Strawberry Campino's Candies

38 reviews

I love this candy. It is just so great and taste so good. Well be buying more and this time I'm buy some for the rest of the family to so they don't eat all of mine. Lol I couldn't keep none with someone else around they just to good to put down
Maynards Swedish Berries

44 reviews

Swedish berries have been my favorite "gummies" for years! They're super soft to chew, have a great berry flavor and don't leave a weird after taste like some gummies!
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Rolls

39 reviews

My kids go crazy for these, I honestly don’t know a kid that doesn’t. I don’t feel super bad about giving them as a snack either. Perfect for school lunch
Werthers Original Butterscotch Candy

28 reviews

I love this great sweet snack. It's the perfect size to fit a couple in your purse or diaper bag. Adults and kids love them. I like to eat one when I'm craving something sweet.
Sour keys

18 reviews

I would but this product every year, they are my favorite candy, they go fron sour to sweet and they are chewy. They make my taste buds thrilled with flavor
Tic Tac Fresh Mint

29 reviews

the titac fresh mint is great, it maintain your mouth smelling great for long time. very quick results and the taste is good.its for the whole family but kids loved it.
Milk Chocolate M & M’s

10 reviews

The whole family loves to snack on this cladsic treat. You can't go wrong with m & ms in my book. They are the perfect size and melt in your mouth. We always pick up a few bags for road trips and for a snack while watching movies.
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers

41 reviews

I have loved these since i was a kid. There is usually only one or two blue one though, those are the best. Theres not enough in eachother pack wither, or enough packs in the box
Caramel M&Ms;

4 reviews

Bought a bag of these and have been addicted ever since!!! Me and my 6 year old will fight over who gets them! They are so delicious, if you like caramel, you will not be disappointed!
Twizzlers Twists Strawberry

3 reviews

I love these strawberry twizzlers. The flavor is so good and they are always so soft. The price is great. We love to buys these when we want a sweet treat.
MACKINTOSH Holiday Soft Caramels

2 reviews

The Macintosh holiday toffee tin was like a taste of my childhood! My husband and I had a hard time closing the tin once we tasted one piece since it was so delicious! I hadn't had any Macintosh toffee in years it now that I've tasted it again, it's going to be one of my...
Butterfinger cups

3 reviews

The butterfinger cups are made with real peanut butter and no artificial flavoring. They taste amazing, melt in your mouth deliciousness. They have the perfect amount of butterfinger crunch inside.
Albanese Gummies

3 reviews

I am addicted to these gummy bears. The gummy worms are great too. They also have watermelon rings and so many other flavors, but the gummy worms and gummy bears are to die for. They aren't like other gummies that all taste the same. There are 12 colors/flavors, and each one...