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Carbonated Water Reviews

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Canada Dry Triple Berry Club Soda

424 reviews

I’ve always been a fan of flavoured water whether it be club soda, sparkling water or anything akin. I was beyond stoked when I got to try not just one but a WHOLE case of #CanadaDryTripleBerryClubSoda. I love to have a can first thing in the morning to curb my...
Canada Dry Club Soda - Orange-Mandarin

449 reviews

Okay, as a big fan of Canada Dry myself, and my husband too. This is the worst you can expect and get when you mix flavour that doesn't blend together. I don`t know who taste it before launching it to the market. At least they get my money once.
Canada Dry Club Soda - Pomegranate-Cherry

474 reviews

i was disappointed about the product.im a huge lover of canada dry but this one didn't make into my list. doesn't taste good. i hope they will improve it
Canada Dry Club Soda - Lemon-Lime

288 reviews

As much as I like the original Canada Dry, this flavor does not disappoint. It gives a little lemony twist and quenches your thirst. I would like to try other flavors!
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

63 reviews

Perrier sparkling water tastes really refreshing. I love how fancy the bottles look while the price is really affordable. It's the perfect amount of bubbles without all the sugar of soft drink.
bubly Sparkling Water Grapefruit

46 reviews

I am not a fan of grapefruit but this grapefruit flavoured sparkling water is so good!!! The flavour is subtle and tastes so good. I am not usually a fan of flavoured sparkling water because the flavours are so artifical but not this one. It is so good!!!
Bubly sparkling water strawberry

47 reviews

Oh my stars! This flavourful is amazing I feel like I'm having candy with the added sugar or carbs. It is so refreshing and if you struggle to drink water this is your go to! Love this product!
bubly Sparkling Water

35 reviews

A family member introduced me to Bubly. Originally, I thought the beverage is too bubbly for me, but it is actually bubbly enough. The flavour is strong. Bubbles are reduced significantly when opened for a long while.
Vivau water

1 review

Vivau water comes in three flavours,cherry,apple and blueberry,It tastes like the fruit itself,it's not a sugary taste,it's clean and crisp ,I feel like a celebrity or totality when I have one They are alittle on the pricey side,but well worth it
Bubly sparkling water lime

36 reviews

My work added this recently to our coolers. I enjoy the light taste, but find it difficult to drink straight from the can. Carbonated water tends to have a very tinny taste from cans. I think it would be better in a bottle, but get around the tinny taste by using a glass.
Aha Raspberry Acai

1 review

Aha Raspberry Acai is a sparkling water beverage. It tastes really good like strawberries and the acai is very subtle. It is very sweet and refreshing. It is a carbonated drink with no sugar or artificial ingredients. I would recommend to anyone who likes to drink raspberry...
AHA Orange + Grapefruit Sparkling Water

3 reviews

One of my favorite soda waters, I find Aha to be more flavorful thank other soda waters. They have a nice taste without being artificial. ORANGE + GRAPEFRUIT is my go to flavor, but I have tried them all and would be happy with any one.
Sparking Ice beverage

1 review

I started drinking the Sparkling Ice beverages when I joined Weight Watchers 2.5 years ago! I wasn't a pop drinker but wanted something fun to have that was zero calories, zero sugar and tasted great! I'm so grateful I found these drinks, and they come in a multitude of flavors!
President's Choice Club Soda (Low Sodium)

1 review

We keep a case of PC soda in our fridge all the time. Of course it’s a great mixer with vodka and ginger ale, but also refreshing on its own or with a splash of fruit juice. So fewer calories than other carbonated beverages.
Fruit 2O cherry lime

3 reviews

Tried this for the first time just before Christmas at my inlaws house. The lime flavour works very well with the cherry flavour. Despite the use of artificial sweeteners, it does not have the chemical aftertaste that they usually have. This is so much a winner that I left...
Bubly sparkling water cherry

22 reviews

Light, crisp, refreshing taste that is so much better for your health. Bubly cherry is one of their best flavours in my opinion, and it’s very affordable. It’s a big difference from the sugary serious but Bubly is something the family can enjoy without guilt, or a...
Perrier Carbonated Water - Pink Grapefruit

43 reviews

Très bon breuvage lorsque je veux autre chose que de l’eau, je l’adore puisqu’il ne contient pas de sucre ni de sodium. La grandeur des canettes est parfaite,pas trop grosse pour éviter le gaspillage
White Claw Hard Seltzer

8 reviews

My family loves these drinks and buys them anytime we have a party/get together. I'm not a fan of them, but I'm not a fan of sparkling water or seltzers in general. They're a bit too bitter for my taste and I'd mix them with OJ rather than drinking straight from the can.
Cherry Viveau

3 reviews

Viveau sparkling water has no added sugars or natural flavors. It comes in 3 flavors, I got the ripe cherry to try. It tasted refreshing with a tart taste.
Pc sparkling water Rootbeer flavour

2 reviews

I was looking for a pop alternative and thought I would give this a try when it was on sale for $1.99/case a few weeks ago. The whole family loves it including my 2yr old, 5 yr old and 36yr old husband.