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Chocolate Reviews

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Ferrero Rocher

5443 reviews

I always get these for birthdays and holidays because they are such a yummy treat. Everyone loves the taste and they are so neatly individually wrapped. They are a very luxurious treat!
Cadbury Mini Eggs

1050 reviews

These are my favorite go to candy around Easter time. I usually try to stock up on them because I can't just enjoy them to myself. They are a huge hit in our entire household! From the crunchy sweet outer layer, to the smooth creamy chocolate inside! I will forever buy these...
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Blueberry Almond with Açai Flavour

563 reviews

Ma soeur m'a offerte cette barre de chocolat et je l'ai dégustée avec une grande passion. Le mélange de chocolat noir avec les baies et les amandes est tout simplement excellent.
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour

529 reviews

Great flavours blended together with an excellent blend of crunch and smoothness. The chocolate itself is good quality. I love the blend of sweet, tart and slightly sour.
Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours

483 reviews

My 6 year old son and 7r year old mom loves these. Its there little bonding moment whenever they can get together. They aren't too sweet bit just sweet enough.
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Mango Coconut Crunch

506 reviews

I really love how this chocolate is creamy and not too strong like a lot of dark chocolates although I wouldn't mind. The mango and coconut pieces melt in your mouth theyre absolutely yummy.
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

440 reviews

I absolutely love Lindt truffles! These are to die for. Despite being on the more expensive side, the taste and the quality of the chocolate definitely make up for it. I know my kids love them as within a couple of days, they're already all eaten!
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

392 reviews

This is my favorite chocolate of all time. I absolutely love it. My whole family enjoys eating Reese's. I'm always looking for it when I have a chocolate craving. When we are out, I have to buy more. It's my guilty pleasure!
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolate

352 reviews

Sometimes I just cant find the chocolate cravings.. Its great to have such a tasty option that is 1) pre portioned (no self control lol) 2) calorie conscious One of my go tos!
Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar

296 reviews

Hershey's milk chocolate with almonds is an excellent treat and it is exceptional in value and taste. My taste buds crave both the cocoa and the almond combination and it literally is an ongoing craving I get. It is my first pick for chocolatey flavor.

274 reviews

My family loves these bars. You can buy them in a variety of sizes. It’s the best combination of chocolate and nougat. My kids look for these everywhere we go to snack on
Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Bar

216 reviews

I love Kitkat bars. The chocolate is always so creamy and melts in your mouth. The wafer they use blends so nicely with the chocolate. The combination of the crispy texture and the rich full taste makes these bars one of my favorite all time snacks.
Cadbury Cream Eggs

319 reviews

This chocolate is sooo good! The creamy inside is delicious! One of my favourite chocolate brands. And great Easter chocolate to give As a gift those mini eggs!
Terry's Chocolate Orange

260 reviews

One of my favorite orange chocolates ever . I love smashing it on the counter and being strong lol . Love how it melts in your mouth and envelopes your tongue with the delicious flavors.
Kinder Surprise

221 reviews

I have 2 boys who love chocolate. I love the fact that there isn't that much to these. Perfect proportion. But can be very messy especially with my 2 year old. They love the fact that you get a surprise along with it.
Lindt Chocolates

182 reviews

Lindt chocolates, whether the truffles, bars, or specialty ones, are the best in taste and creativity. All my relatives know that when they're in doubt of what to give me as present for any occasion, they will not go wrong with Lindt chocolate.
After Eight Chocolate

169 reviews

Awesome chocolate bar! Really got into these around Christmas. If your are a fan of mint, be sure to grab one of these and be careful they are addicting and so good!
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade Milk Chocolate

175 reviews

This chocolate is by far the best I have ever eaten! I usually get these at the supermarket and I get so excited when I find them! The chocolate is so rich and creamy and almost melts in your mouth. This is a great treat.
Nestle Turtles Chocolates

136 reviews

I love everything about these turtles!! They are sweet with creamy caramel, and crunchy pecans. They are an extremely delicious chocolate that melts in your mouth. I normally only buy them during Christmas season.
M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies

108 reviews

M&M;'s has been here for many years it never hurts to go and get yourself some delicious tasting chocolates! Love it as always! Never gets tiring getting some nice M&M;'s